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Month: December 2020

Last workout of the week for 2020

Posted on December 29th, 2020 by

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Workout of the week is:

-A thorough warm up, it’s freezing!

8-10 x 2 min (@10k pace) [2 min slow jog] 

-Cool down jog

If you’re new to intervals (or haven’t done them in a while) stick to 8 reps and walk the recovery if needed.

As always let us know if any questions. Happy new year!


Workout of the week, Christmas edition

Posted on December 21st, 2020 by

It’s likely to be a difficult week for everyone but personally I’m feeling grateful that we’re still allowed to run.

We’ll call this one ‘down the chimney’. Santa hats optional.

Remember to do a warm up jog of about 10 mins. Start the first rep at your 10mile pace and work your way down to mile pace for the last couple of reps. The rest is in brackets e.g [90s] = 90 seconds static or walking rest. If you’re new to intervals start at 4mins.
5 min [90s]
4 min [90s]
3 min [60s]
2 min [60s]
1 min [30s]
30 sec [mince pies]

As recently outlined by Laurie (our covid officer) you are able to run with one other person currently.

Merry Christmas everyone and please reach out if you’re struggling- Chaser’s don’t have a rep for being the friendliest club for nothing




Workout of the week #5

Posted on December 7th, 2020 by

It’s getting colder out there so make sure you have enough time to do a proper warm up. This could include 10-15 mins jogging and some drills and strides too.

3- 4x (3 min, 2 min, 1 min)

Recovery: 1min jog between reps, 2min jog between sets

Pace: 3 mins @ 5k pace
           2 mins @ 3k pace
           1 min    @ mile pace

If you’re new to intervals definitely only do 3 sets and you could also walk the recovery. Don’t forget a cool down jog too. 

You could post your workout on the calendar as we can now run in groups of up to 6. Please follow the coronavirus guidance as usual.

Any questions please ask