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Month: July 2017

Paarlauf Review

Posted on July 7th, 2017 by

Some great running in last night’s Paarlauf. I could see some real improvements in your running since we first started talking technical goals.

Here are my thoughts on the runners I observed.

Anthony: Use your arms to help power you on faster runs. Try to make sure you pull your arms back fully when doing easy runs and drills. Focus on a positive backward arm drive when doing speed work. Goal: a visible use of arm drive when doing speed sessions.

Richard: More arms. Be conscious of how you can use arm drive to boost your speed and keep your focus. Maintain a strong arm drive in drills and practice strides with a powerful arm drive on easy runs. Goal: to be ready and able to turn on arm power when you need it.

Jenny: Run with a more stable core. Find a way to incorporate core exercises into your fitness routine. Goal: complete high speed laps without too much visible movement of your torso.

Dave: Move your arms forwards and backwards, don’t rock from side to side. Try to do this on all runs, especially easy ones. We want to change your muscle memory so forward and backward feels like the natural choice. Goal: Able to complete a parkrun (at any pace) with forward/backward arms.