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About Mornington Chasers

Mornington Chasers is a friendly London running club catering for runners of all levels. Whether you are a beginner, an improver or annoyingly fast you will find like-minded people to run with.

Running with Mornington Chasers will might make you a little faster. And you will also make fast friends.

Use the links below or the menu above to find out more.


We meet regularly for club training sessions.

Our biggest night of the week is Tuesday. Our Tuesday runs cater for a full range of abilities. This is the best night to come and try us out. If you can already run 5km continuously you can just turn up any Tuesday you like. If not, then sign up for our beginners programme.

Our Thursday runs are coach led and are about improving as a runner. We believe that anyone can benefit from structured training. All members are welcome at every training session.

Our Sunday runs and other informal training runs are organized using our calendar. Members post training runs which other members can then join, usually also advertising them on our Facebook group. Most runs are only posted a couple of days in advance. Take a look at the past events to get an idea of what people have organized.

To help you achieve your goals we have a large number of coaches and run leaders helping out with our beginners programme and our structured sessions. Following one of the schedules our coaches have put together is a great way to improve as a runner.


We participate in a huge variety of races including:

Runners of all abilities are welcome at all of these events. Check out our calendar to see what is coming up.


Outside of global pandemics, we have tea and biscuits after our Tuesday runs. There are often fabulous home made cakes at races. We regularly meet up for other social events, most notably our monthly pub nights at Tapping the Admiral.

Trying us out and Joining

If you can already run 5km continuously and wish to try out the club, you should sign up for 1 month temporary membership. You are then welcome to attend our races and training sessions so you can get a real feel for what the club offers. We recommend that you come to one of our Tuesday runs as your first session as this is the night when we usually have our biggest variety of runs on offer.

If you decide to join the club at the end of your temporary membership, then you will receive a discount on full membership to reimburse the cost of your temporary membership.

If you cannot yet run 5km continuously then you should sign up for our beginners sessions.

Once you have decided you want to join, you can join online. In the meantime we'd love you to come to a few of our Tuesday runs, our beginners sessions or one of our Thursday runs so you can find out if we're right for you.


To keep you informed of what is coming up in the club we have:


You can see who does what in the club using our Who's Who. If you would like to get involved in coaching, organizing events or helping running the club we are always keen to have new volunteers.


You get a free vest with full membership. You can buy replacements and other items from our online store. If you get creative and want to make your own items, follow our style guide.

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