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How it works

The training leaderboard ranks the best training efforts in the club in comparison with your handicap. A score of 100% means you achieved an equivalent time to that predicted from your handicap. For interval sessions you get to rest, but that isn't included in your handicap. So there is nothing to stop you giving 110%.

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Training Leaderboard

1. Mark Lamb - Score: 99.60%
Track Fartlek Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 2.61 miles
Time: 16:00
Pace: 6:07/mile
2. Rendy Prakoso - Score: 92.81%
Lunch Run Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 6.53 miles
Time: 42:37
Pace: 6:31/mile
3. Lydia Thomson - Score: 84.43%
Yesterday’s race was unnervingly flat. Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 1.59 miles
Time: 12:12
Pace: 7:40/mile
4. Sarah Funderburk - Score: 77.21%
So yeah, it's a fire It's a goddamn blaze in the dark Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 6.26 miles
Time: 53:55
Pace: 8:37/mile
5. Sarah Hamilton - Score: 76.22%
Evening Run Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 1.88 miles
Time: 14:41
Pace: 7:49/mile
6. Liam Moroney - Score: 73.67%
Afternoon Run Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 2.00 miles
Time: 15:50
Pace: 7:55/mile
7. David Thorne - Score: 65.48%
Morning Run Mon 06 Dec
Distance: 2.09 miles
Time: 19:55
Pace: 9:31/mile

Athletes without handicaps

Alina Williamson
Ana Clara Paiva
Anne-Marie Balfe
Beth Dancer
Chloe Wootton
Dawn Curtis
Elliot Callard
Jordan Lees
Kristian Davies
Nina Marriage
Philip Barnes