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Beginners 0-5K Membership+ Programme

Our Beginners 0-to-5K Membership+ Programme is designed for those who cannot currently run 5K without stopping. It’s simple – you become a member and we give you 8 weeks of added support to help you run 5K without stopping. This programme is suitable for anyone who is either new to running or returning to running after a break. It is not suitable for anyone who can run already run 5K.

The Beginners Membership+ Programme is limited to 20 places per term, so please register for the waiting list before joining the club. If you join the club without registering for the Beginners waitlist, we cannot guarantee your place on the course.

Getting you to 5K

This 8-week programme is specifically designed to get you running a 5K distance without stopping. It is similar to the NHS Couch-to-5K programme, but with our own enhancements. The course is inclusive and our volunteer leaders support runners of all paces, but we usually start at a gentle 12 minute to 14 minute mile while we work out your needs.

When and where?

What if I can already run 5K?

If you can already run 5km, then please do not join the beginners course - join us for one of our standard Tuesday Runs instead. Our runs vary in pace and distance and there's usually something for everyone. If you're unsure, please just contact our beginner's running leader at beginners@chaser.me.uk or to apply for temporary membership at £5 for one month, contact our membership secretary at membership@chaser.me.uk.

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