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Beginner Training Sessions

Successful Beginners

Our free beginners programme is for those new to running, or returning after a break. The aim of the programme is to gradually build your running fitness until you feel ready to progress to our main club runs and training sessions. The programme is in two parts:

Getting you to 5K

This free 8 to 10 week programme is specifically designed to get you running a 5K distance without stopping. We start with some jogging alternating with walking. As you progress through the programme, you gradually walk a little less and run a little more until you can continuously and happily run 5K!

Getting you beyond 5K

Once you've completed the free 5K beginners programme, we hope you will become a fully paid up member of our friendly club for a bargain price of just £30 per calendar year.

Once you have signed up, we will then offer additional support for up to 4 weeks to get you running comfortably to a 10K distance.

What if I can already run 5K?

If you can already run 5km, then please do not join the beginners course - join us for one of our standard Tuesday Runs instead. Our runs vary in pace and distance and there's usually something for everyone.

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