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Thursday Runs

Thursdays are coached sessions. They take place at Parliament Hill Track or the hills nearby. These sessions are a great way to improve as a runner.

All club members are welcome to join the track and hill sessions - they're not just for speed freaks. Some running clubs restrict their track sessions to only the fastest runners. We believe that coached sessions are a great workout for everyone. And, since we're all running on the same track, they're a great place to meet new friends in different pace groups.

The workouts

The workouts vary throughout the year. Together they will build your strength, endurance and technique.

To give the sessions a focus, we have designed them around the key target races that are important to the club. We've even put together a complete, customizable schedule you can follow to build to these races. Don't worry if you're targetting a different race, or don't want to follow the full schedule, the Thursday sessions will still be a fantastic workout.

The target races include the London Marathon, and our club championships. Look for the events in our calendar that are marked with a target.

If you would like any more information on the schedule or would like some advice on how to prepare for other races, just ask our coaches.


We meet at Parliament Hill Track and the session starts at 7:30pm. There are showers and lockers at the track.

If you are not yet a member, then we think that our Tuesday runs are the best way to get to know us. However, if you can only make Thursdays or you want to try out a coached session before making up your mind whether to join then please send us an email at info@chaser.me.uk so we know you're coming.


If you would like to volunteer as a coach, leading sessions and helping design our training plans visit our page on volunteering to find out more.