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Sun 7 March

Training Run
6 miles at between 9 -10:30 min pace, I’m flexible. Happy to cycle to a start point or you can meet me at the heath. I like to eat pastry/ bread type foods and drink coffee after runs 😋
Heath or I can cycle to you for a change of scene. , 09:00
Suitable for all
Training Run
Approx 15 miles, flexible on route- along the river? Can also be a little flexible on time/ meeting point. 7.20 min/mile ish
Talacre Centre, 09:30
7:30/mile (4:39/km)

Tue 9 March

Training Run
5/6 miles - happy to run on Hampstead Heath or around Regent’s Park/Primrose Hill. I’ve said 8am, but happy to meet from 7.45 to 8.15. Happy to flex on pace, but not faster than 9min miles
Tbc, 08:00
Suitable for all
Training Run
4 ISH miles through Primrose Hill and Regent's Park.
Talacre Centre, 18:15
10:30/mile (6:31/km)

Sat 13 March

Chingford League- Wanstead Flats Relys

Sun 14 March

Training Run
7-8 miles, prefer a flat route, 9:30-10:00 min/mile.
Talacre Centre, 09:00
9:45/mile (6:03/km)

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