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Tue 7 December

Training Run
Improvers Group week 1. For graduates of this year's Autumn Beginners course. 3-4 miles with stops as necessary. Meet Phil West in the usual place upstairs. One extra volunteer to run at the back would be grand - please let me know here. Thanks!
Talacre Centre, 19:00
Suitable for all

Sat 11 December

Sun 19 December

January 2022

Sat 8 January 2022

Mon 10 January 2022

Committee meeting

Sat 15 January 2022

Cross Country
Met League - Fixture 4 - Wormwood Scrubs

Sat 22 January 2022

Sat 29 January 2022

February 2022

Sat 5 February 2022

Sat 19 February 2022

Cross Country
Met League - Fixture 5 - Trent Park

Sat 26 February 2022

March 2022

Sat 5 March 2022

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