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Kenwood Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays

Tuesday Runs

A Tuesday run on Hampstead Heath

Tuesday night is our main club night and the best time to come and try out the club.

During social distancing, we have had to change the way we organize our runs. Members who want to lead a run, post the details of the run on our calendar. Members who want to join that run cam then sign up. You can join in any run that is at a pace you can manage, you don't need to know the run leader already!

We are asking everyone to sign up for runs to ensure we maintain proper social distancing, restricting group sizes according to the current guidelines. In addition, it means we have a record of who has run together should anyone fall ill. If you do catch coronavirus, please contact our welfare officer, Laurie, who is also acting as our club's coronavirus officer.

Our Tuesday night currently start either at Talacre Sports Centre, in Talacre Town Green (the small park next door to the sports centre) or outside Parliament Hill Track. We are deliberately using a variety of starting points for our runs to avoid large groups congretating, but once social distancing is over all our Tuesday runs will start and finish at Talacre Sports Centre.

Coming for the first time

You must be a member to sign up for a run due to the current social distancing restrictions, but we are offering £5 1 month temporary memberships for people who want to try the club out. You can find out how to join here.

Before signing up for a run, you need to know what pace group is suitable for you. If you have run a race, then the "easy" time per mile given on our pace calculator would be a sensible pace to run at. If you haven't run a race, just run a known distance at a comfortable pace and work out how fast you were going. If you can't yet run 5km comfortably, then you should sign up for our beginners programme.

If you are new to the club, or simply don't know the route, please tell the run leader before you set off so that they know to look out for you.

What if I can't keep up?

Don't worry! We stop along the way during our runs so that slower runners can catch up. You should never worry that you're slowing everyone down. We all swap pace groups from time to time so sometimes you will be at the front and sometimes at the back. We all want to run as a group and if that means you sometimes get a chance to pause and get your breath back while you wait for others, so much the better.

If you are new to running you might be surprised to discover that most of our runs are at an easy conversational pace. You don't need to run flat out to enjoy running or to get the health benefits of running. So if you don't feel like pushing it, take it easy.