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Kenwood Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays

Tuesday Runs

A Tuesday run on Hampstead Heath

Tuesday night is our main club night and the best time to come and try out the club. We meet at the Talacre Sports Centre in Kentish Town from 7pm and set off running at 7:15. There is always a range of runs on offer with a variety of distances and pace groups. We make sure there is something for everyone. There are lockers and showers at the Talacre center. Lockers require tokens which cost £2 for 10, available from reception.

After the run we all meet up back at the Sports Centre for tea and biscuits. On the first Tuesday of every month we go to the pub. Please sign up to our tea rota occasionally to help put everything away.

During the summer months there are 6 - 8 mile runs through Hampstead Heath or shorter 4-5 mile runs around Regents Park and St John's Wood.

In the winter we run either on the roads or with head torches on Hampstead Heath. We usually offer a 6 - 8 mile road run through Highgate and Primrose Hill, or a shorter 4 - 5 mile run to Madame Tussaud's or along the canal.

There is often a group running across the Heath with headtorches too. If you are new to the club, we have a number of head torches available so you can join in. Priority goes to beginners and new members, so if you want to use a head torch regularly, please buy your own. Make sure that you can easily run at the advertised pace before joining a head torch run as you will have to concentrate on your footing for safety.

We also regularly have coached sessions focussing on different aspects of training. These are a great way to improve your running and are suitable for runners of all abilities. Check the newsletter to find out what's happening this week.

Coming for the first time

You should obtain a £5 1 month temporary membership if you want to try the club out. If you then decide to obtain full membership, you will receive a £5 discount on the full membership.

If it is your first time at the club, then make sure you arrive on time to hear the different runs being announced. If you're not sure which run to choose then ask one of the run leaders for advice.

When you have chosen your run, then please make yourself known to whoever is leading it. That way they'll know to watch out that you don't get lost and will be able to advise if the run is suitable for you.

When we announce which runs are available we will say how long they are (in miles) and the approximate pace (in minutes per mile). It obviously helps if you have some idea of what pace you want to run at before you come to the club. If you have run a race previously then the "easy" time per mile from our calculator would be a sensible pace for a Tuesday run. Alternatively just run a known distance at a comfortable pace and work out how fast you were going.

If you don't know who to run with or are nervous about whether you will be able to keep up then just speak to whoever is announcing the runs that evening. So long as you can jog 5km continuously, we will always make sure that you have someone to run with. If you can't yet run 5km continuously, please register for our Beginner's Training Sessions and we'll contact you to let you know when we are starting a new beginners programme.

What if I can't keep up?

Don't worry! We stop along the way during our runs so that slower runners can catch up. You should never worry that you're slowing everyone down. We all swap pace groups from time to time so sometimes you will be at the front and sometimes at the back. We all want to run as a group and if that means you sometimes get a chance to pause and get your breath back while you wait for others, so much the better.

If you are new to running you might be surprised to discover that most of our runs are at an easy conversational pace. You don't need to run flat out to enjoy running or to get the health benefits of running. So if you don't feel like pushing it, take it easy.