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Month: November 2020

Workout of the week #4

Posted on November 30th, 2020 by

  • It’s great to see so many of you getting involved in workout of the week. This one should help you tick off those last Chase-Go boxes.

    Warm up to include 10-15 mins of jogging, some drills and strides. The session is pretty simple:

30 minutes of 90 seconds run, 90 seconds rest

(@ 3k pace ish, you may find you go a little quicker)

Cool down jog


If you pair up I suggest using RP track or similar. Instead of basing it on time run one lap then recover when the other person is running their lap (and repeat for 30 mins).
Any questions give me a shout- enjoy!



Workout of the week #3

Posted on November 22nd, 2020 by

49A9103E-2550-4B00-ACA4-2673301959C1Time for a pyramid!

10 mins warm up jog, drills and strides

1 min
2 min
3 min
4 min
4 min
3 min
2 min
1 min

60 seconds slow jog between each rep, except between the 4 mins where you can have 2 mins.

Run them at 5k pace. If you’re feeling good you can up it to 3k pace on the way back down the pyramid. 

Take out one of the 4 mins if it feels too much.

Don’t forget a few minutes of jogging to end 



Workout of the week #2

Posted on November 16th, 2020 by

Somehow it’s Monday again. It was great to see so many Workout of the Week efforts popping up on Strava, Facebook and Instagram last week.

Workout week 2 

4 sets of:

4 min @ 5k pace [1 min rest] 1 min @faster than 5k pace*

[3 min slow jog between each set]

So for clarity that’s..

4 mins running
1 min rest
1 min running
3 min jog (walk if you need)
Repeat 4 times

Remember to add in a warm up jog (10ish mins) and include some drills if possible. This feels a lot less silly if you’re doing them with a buddy (and you can tick off a Chaser-Go box). Drop the 4 mins pace slightly if you’re new to intervals.

The coaches are happy to chat if you have any questions.


*This session might reduce the need for me to screech ‘sprint finish’ at you at the end of a race, so it’s in your best interests to complete it




Workout of the week

Posted on November 9th, 2020 by

3A7D6BA1-1294-4AE1-A274-3C4F132A7E1EThe track is closed but the intervals don’t stop 

As I’m sure we’re all aware by now, lockdown #2 is upon us which means club runs and track sessions have come to a halt once again.

Luckily, exercise continues to be seen as essential and we are encouraged to get out for a daily dose. As we don’t yet know what the current restrictions mean for future races or club sessions, the coaching team will be bringing you a ‘workout of the week’. The aim of this is to keep a bit of structure in your training and to keep your fitness ticking over.

The session can be done in a location of your choice, on whatever day of the week suits you best. Current restrictions* state we can exercise with one person outside of our household providing social distancing rules are adhered to. Why not use this opportunity to link up with a Chaser you don’t know very well yet? Or to establish a (friendly) Myles v Donal style rivalry to take into 2021? You can continue to use the calendar to link up.

So…Workout of the week #1

6 x 3 minutes at 5k pace [90sec recovery between each one] 

The aim is for consistent pacing throughout the reps so don’t start too fast! You can use the website pace calculator to help. If you’re new to intervals you may want to reduce reps to 4 or up recovery to 2 mins.

Photos for social media welcome! Reach out to the coaching team if you have any questions



*restrictions in place at time of writing