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Week 1 of the new schedule! – but really it’s Week 9

Posted on February 28th, 2021 by

Congrats on all of those fast miles this week, Chasers! This week, we will be starting part 2 of the schedule, appropriately named The Great Lockdown Escape. We are continuing with paired runs over the next few weeks, but then we will be able to start back with groups of 6 and track from March 29th! The next 6 weeks will be leading up to a 3k race, which we are hoping to be able to schedule in at Parliament Hill Track in some shape or form – stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.

This week’s speed session (or workout of the week), will be a pretty straightforward but challenging one:

5-6 x {800m (at your 5k pace) [400m jog recovery]}. Total of 4000-4800m hard with 2000-2400m recovery

If you don’t feel like measuring out 800m or treking way over to Paddington Recreation ground where the track is still open, then you can either do a time-based option based on what your customized schedule on the website says (preferred option!!) or try the following:

5-6 x {3 minĀ (at your 5k pace) [2 min jog recovery]}. Total of 15-18 min hard with 10-12 min recovery

Get at least a good 10-15 min of easy running before and after the session to warm up and cool down.

Happy Running!