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On you mark, get set…GO!

Posted on May 3rd, 2021 by

I hope you’ve had a lovely Bank Holiday, Chasers! The weather wasn’t so bad afterall :), AND we saw some stellar performances from Chloe, Rosie and Lydia at the North Downs 50k. Nice job, ladies!

We are now heading into the all important RACE WEEK for our 3000m races to be held on Saturday. We just have one speed session this week, on Thursday, to help tune you up for the race. If you’re not able to get a spot on Thursday for the session, doing it on Wednesday at the RP cinder track may be an even wiser idea if you feel you may need some extra rest/recovery days ahead of Saturday. This Thursday, the session is similar to what we did ahead of the last 3k in April:

3 x {400m (at your 5k pace) [400m recovery]}, 3 x {200m (at your 3k pace) [200m recovery]} Total: 3600

For this session, it is critical that you keep those 400s to your 5k pace, maybe even a bit slower to be conservative. It’s an exercise of consistency and just ticking your legs over a bit. Then for the 200s, really try to hone in on your target 3k pace, NOT YOUR TARGET 1 MILE PACE! 🙂 You shouldn’t feel exhausted after the session.

Good luck to everyone racing on Saturday. It’s going to be a really fun day!

If you want to get a sneek peek at the upcoming schedule targeting the provisional Stag Mile on July 3rd, Lauren and John have been working on it here.

Happy Running!