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Month: April 2019

Calculating your handicap

Posted on April 30th, 2019 by

I’ve calculated the handicaps for our handicap race in Highgate Woods as follows.

  • For every race over the last two years, look at your age graded percentage. We can only calculate this for certain event distances.
  • Take off a further percentage according to how long it is since you achieved this result. If it was a year ago, we would take off one percent.┬áThe idea is that if you have been ill or injured you still have a decent chance.

This gives your handicap as an age graded percentage.

Next, we work out what 5K time this age graded percentage corresponds to. Then we use the calculator on the website to work out your predicted time over the race distance (which is a little over 5K).

This number is your handicap. Everyone will start at such a time that if there handicap predicted their race time perfectly, we would all finish simultaneously.

To see your handicap visit the results page of our website and search for your results.

If you think your handicap is not appropriate you can tell me why it is not appropriate and tell me your own predicted time. I’ll decide whether I agree with you or not. My decision is final.