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Month: December 2018

Book Your Spring Training Races

Posted on December 2nd, 2018 by

I’ve put together a training plan for London Marathon 2019. We’ll also have a half marathon specific schedule building up to Croydon half marathon which should be up by the New Year.

We’ll use the same key training races for both schedules, so book your place and get them in your diary now.

  1. Fred Hughes 10 OR Benfleet 15. Fred Hughes is a fast flat road race. Benfleet 15 is a slow hilly trail race. Don’t even think about Benfleet unless you are confident to run that distance in January. Think of it as roughly equivalent effort to 20 miles on the road.
  2. Southern Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill. This is a brilliant race and a must for any Chaser who owns a pair of spikes. Click on the link to enter (you will require England Athletics membership too, so request that via your Chasers account if you don’t have it already).
  3. Wokingham Half Marathon. This isn’t even mentioned in the schedule yet. It will just be an alternative to the current published schedule for those who want a half marathon test at the end of Feb. The scheduled alternative is to do a long run the next week building in a fast section at the Regent’s Park 10k.
  4. Croydon Half Marathon. Get your discounted tickets from our online store.