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Month: May 2017

Technical Goals

Posted on May 12th, 2017 by

Every 8 weeks or so, you should set yourself a technical goal to improve your running. That should be your focus during technical drills for the whole 8 weeks. The idea is to gradually improve your running form through incremental changes, but only ever working on one small aspect.

As coaches we can observe you and help you formulate your technical goals and suggest how to achieve them. We can’t observe all of you every week, but every 8 weeks or so, one of us should take a look at how you are running.

Here are the results of last night’s observation with some suggested goals and ideas how to achieve them.

Danny: run with high hips and tall posture. Focus on this when doing drills but also during easy running. Goal: maintain good posture during easy runs.

Lauren: high knees during speed work. Do extra high knee drills and incorporate some strides with good form into your easy runs. Goal: Able to sustain 10% higher knee lift during reps.

Simon: build core strength to catch up with your recent speed improvements (congrats on the PB!). Incorporate some core work into your routine and focus on a stable core during drills. Goal: establish a core routine you can maintain.

Rosa: now your returning to running after a long absence you need to rebuild your running balance and coordination. Do the key running form drills (skips, high knees, heel flicks) as a warm up before your easy runs and focus on doing them with great form. Goal: perform key drills with good form.

Stephen: Try to land with you centre of gravity just in front of your feet. Practice some downhill running, for example do Hampstead Heath Parkrun and fly down hill. Goal: improve downhill pace by letting gravity do the work.