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Workout of the week #2

Posted on November 16th, 2020 by

Somehow it’s Monday again. It was great to see so many Workout of the Week efforts popping up on Strava, Facebook and Instagram last week.

Workout week 2 

4 sets of:

4 min @ 5k pace [1 min rest] 1 min @faster than 5k pace*

[3 min slow jog between each set]

So for clarity that’s..

4 mins running
1 min rest
1 min running
3 min jog (walk if you need)
Repeat 4 times

Remember to add in a warm up jog (10ish mins) and include some drills if possible. This feels a lot less silly if you’re doing them with a buddy (and you can tick off a Chaser-Go box). Drop the 4 mins pace slightly if you’re new to intervals.

The coaches are happy to chat if you have any questions.


*This session might reduce the need for me to screech ‘sprint finish’ at you at the end of a race, so it’s in your best interests to complete it