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Week 6: Gearing up for the mile (approximately 1038 port-a-loos)

Posted on February 7th, 2021 by

Welcome to week 6 of Speeding up for Spring, Chasers! That pesky groundhog in Pennsylvania may have declared 6 more weeks of winter, but there is only 2 more weeks until we test out your training in our mile competition (routes to follow next week!).

This week, we are still taking a break from Kenyan hills but instead will be including some threshold/tempo work along with some continued  focus on mile-specific training. The Tuesday session some easy miles to warm-up, followed by some miles at tempo pace, and then some easy cool down miles. The exact mileage and pacing will depend on what you have put into the website for your goal times. Generally, your threshold pace should be what you can hold for approximately 1 hour at your best effort. For many runners, this will be somewhere between your 10k and 10 mile pace. This type of run can be a useful “bridge” between your longer Sunday runs and your speed work. If you want to read more from an expert, here is a nice article from Jack Daniels: https://www.runnersworld.com/advanced/a20807282/threshold-training/

For this week’s speed session, you will be honing in on that mile pace, doing the following:

8-10 x {400 (1mile pace) [2min static rest or recovery jog]}. Total 3200-4000m.

Again, this week, I won’t provide a time-based alternative, as you will be able to best get that from the website. This is the session that will count toward this week’s leaderboard, so find a good spot and give it your all! The Chaser ladies are looking fierce!

And finally, if you have ever wondered how many of “those that shouldn’t be named” are in a mile…well now you know 🙂

Happy Running!