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Week 4: The weather is getting cold but the speed is getting hot

Posted on January 24th, 2021 by

This week is all about continuing to build strength and focusing in on your 1 mile pace. In 4 more weeks, we will be putting that mile pace to the test with a 1 mile virtual race. There will be plenty of glory at stake, so get ready Chasers! The aim will be to get everyone doing the same course, which will be revealed in the coming weeks. I will be taking suggestions (and perhaps bribes).

But, back to this week’s schedule…first you will be building on last week’s Kenyan Hills with another session. This time it is 2 sets of 15 minutes. If you can, try to do the same hills/route that you did the first time. You will be better able to gauge how your legs are feeling over the route.

For this week’s mile-focused speed session, you will be doing¬†10-12 x 300m at your 1 mile pace with a walk recovery of 100m. The recovery should take you at least the same amount of time as it took you to cover 300m. So, for example, if you ran 300m in 1min, your walk recovery should be at least 1 minute. This week, I won’t be explicitly giving you a time-based variation because the time-based version should really be different for everyone. Instead, if you want a time-based version, I want to encourage¬†you to play around with the pace calculator on the website. If you have customized your schedule, then it will give you your 1 mile pace for 300m. S0, for example, if I put in that I want to run a 5k in under 20 min (whew!), it is going to tell me that I should be running 300m in around 1:10. Feel free to message me with any questions!

As always, please warm-up with at least a 10min jog and some drills, and then follow the session with a cool down and stretching.

For some mile-running inspiration…https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/health-and-fitness/aaron-yoder-fastest-backwards-mile

Happy Running!