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The Road to Nowhere

Posted on March 1st, 2018 by

If you get a chance, go for a trail run in the snow. It’s safer and more fun to run through fresh snow than on icy paths. If you wear your cross country spikes they will miraculously clean themselves. A double win.

If you are racing the 10k this weekend, I’d probably just have some enjoyable snowy runs and forgo a speed session. But those of us doing the marathon schedule have had a couple of light Thursday sessions recently and so might consider a treadmill session instead.

Here’s what you need to know about treadmill running:

  • Most treadmills measure speed in km/h. You can use our pace calculator to find the right treadmill setting.
  • There is no air resistance on a treadmill so you should set the gradient to 1-2% to compensate for this.
  • It’s easy to overheat on a treadmill, so take unseasonal clothes like a vest. Bring water too so you can practice drinking and running.
  • Stop staring at the screen. If you can’t resist, put a towel over the screen. I consciously ask myself what focal point I will stare at for the session and fixate on that rather than the screen.
  • It’s psychologically tougher on the treadmill, so try to practice your mind games. I find focussing on my form helps. As the session gets tough, I found counting slowly in my head helps me stay focussed and also helps me stop looking at the screen.
  • Wear headphones. If Talking Heads don’t do it for you, try PJ Harvey. She feels your pain.