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These routes have been added by club members and may not have been risk-assessed by the club. To create or edit your own routes, log in to the website then visit this page.

Name Distance Start End Author
Chinese Barge2.0 miles/3.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Ready Money3.1 miles/4.9 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Expensive Houses3.9 miles/6.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Italian Gardens4.2 miles/6.7 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Outer Circle4.8 miles/7.7 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Inner Circle5.1 miles/8.1 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Little Venice5.8 miles/9.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Short Heath5.9 miles/9.5 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Short Highgate6.4 miles/10.2 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Paddington7.2 miles/11.5 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Highgate7.7 miles/12.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Hill Garden7.8 miles/12.5 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Heath Extension9.3 miles/14.9 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Highgate + Outer Circle10.2 miles/16.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Changing the Guards10.9 miles/17.4 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Southbank12.3 miles/19.6 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
The Woods12.5 miles/20.1 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Ally Pally13.4 miles/21.4 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Limehouse14.1 miles/22.5 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Holland Park14.0 miles/22.4 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Tower Bridge14.9 miles/23.8 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Southbank + Serpentine14.9 miles/23.8 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Dollis Brook Viaduct16.1 miles/25.8 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Stoke Newington18.3 miles/29.3 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Horsenden Hill19.5 miles/31.1 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Richmond20.6 miles/32.9 kmTW9NW5John Armstrong
High Barnet22.1 miles/35.4 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
The Greenway to Beckton Alps23.1 miles/36.9 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Country to Capital43.3 miles/69.3 kmHP22W2Andrew Disley
Tuesday Run - Hills of Hampstead and Highgate7.3 miles/11.6 kmNW5NW5Mark Lamb
Madame Tussauds5.8 miles/9.2 kmNW5NW5Stephanie Mercier
Enfield Lock Circular35.7 miles/57.0 kmAndrew Disley
Hampstead Heath orienteering course6.5 miles/10.3 kmAndrew Disley
Mount Moat via Dollis Valley24.8 miles/39.8 kmAndrew Disley
Ridgeway24.5 miles/39.2 kmHP23Andrew Disley
North Downs30.7 miles/49.1 kmRH1RH1Andrew Disley
Capital Ring72.8 miles/116.5 kmAndrew Disley
Brompton Cemetry/Richmond - Magnificant Seven - Part 424.5 miles/39.2 kmNW5TW9Andrew Disley
Isle of Dogs and Greenwich23.1 miles/36.9 kmNW5NW5Andrew Disley
Kensal Rise Cemetery - Magnificant Seven - Part 112.6 miles/20.1 kmNW5NW5Andrew Disley
Abney and Highgate Cemeteries - Magnificent Seven - Parts 2 and 312.8 miles/20.5 kmNW5NW5Andrew Disley
Tower Hamlets, Nunhead and West Norwood Cemeteries - Magnificent Seven - Parts 5, 6 and 721.6 miles/34.5 kmNW5SE27Andrew Disley
Westminster to Dartford 28.4 miles/45.5 kmSW1ADA1Andrew Disley
Lea Valley (South)30.8 miles/49.3 kmNW1SG13Andrew Disley
Lea Valley Path (North)30.2 miles/48.3 kmLU4SG12Andrew Disley
Parkland Walk - Finsbury Park & Ally Pally13.3 miles/21.3 kmNW5NW5Paul Allen
Monopoly Board Run17.4 miles/27.8 kmSE1N1Mark Lamb
London Underground - Circle Line14.7 miles/23.5 kmNW1WC1HMark Lamb
Hassocks to Lewes - 10m (or more?)9.6 miles/15.4 kmBN6BN7Andrew Disley
Ridge Off Roader Trail Half12.7 miles/20.3 kmHP14HP14Rebecca Taylor
Epping Forest, Wanstead Flats and Higham Park15.4 miles/24.7 kmE12CM16Andrew Disley
Brickflats chase - an urban treasure hunt 10.0 miles/16.0 kmN4N1Stephanie Mercier
Spooky Run 2022 Beginners Route2.5 miles/3.9 kmNW5NW5John Armstrong
Hassocks to Brighton16.0 miles/25.7 kmBN6BN1Andrew Disley