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Philip Rutnam

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Results by Year


27 Aprparkrun21:4254Highbury Fields parkrun # 584Highbury Fields72.43%
16 Marparkrun21:12591Highbury Fields parkrun # 578Highbury Fields74.14%
09 Marparkrun21:5571Highbury Fields parkrun # 577Highbury Fields71.71%
24 Febparkrun21:3968Highbury Fields parkrun # 575Highbury Fields72.59%
17 Febparkrun21:2550Highbury Fields parkrun # 574Highbury Fields73.39%
03 Febparkrun21:30641Highbury Fields parkrun # 572Highbury Fields73.10%
27 Janparkrun21:5787Highbury Fields parkrun # 571Highbury Fields71.60%
20 Janparkrun22:35111Highbury Fields parkrun # 570Highbury Fields69.59%

18 Novparkrun22:1350Highbury Fields parkrun # 559Highbury Fields70.74%
11 Novparkrun22:2571Highbury Fields parkrun # 558Highbury Fields70.11%
07 Octparkrun22:3793Highbury Fields parkrun # 553Highbury Fields69.49%
02 Sepparkrun22:3888Highbury Fields parkrun # 548Highbury Fields69.44%
26 Augparkrun22:4282Highbury Fields parkrun # 547Highbury Fields69.24%
22 Julparkrun22:1580Highbury Fields parkrun # 542Highbury Fields70.64%
15 Julparkrun22:2491Highbury Fields parkrun # 541Highbury Fields70.16%
08 Julparkrun22:5997Highbury Fields parkrun # 540Highbury Fields68.38%
01 Julparkrun22:0891Highbury Fields parkrun # 539Highbury Fields71.01%
20 Mayparkrun21:26531Highbury Fields parkrun # 533Highbury Fields72.71%
06 Mayparkrun21:1453Highbury Fields parkrun # 531Highbury Fields73.39%
29 Aprparkrun21:19641Highbury Fields parkrun # 530Highbury Fields73.10%
22 Aprparkrun20:5655Highbury Fields parkrun # 529Highbury Fields74.44%
01 Aprparkrun22:0058Highbury Fields parkrun # 526Highbury Fields70.83%
18 Marparkrun21:33391Highbury Fields parkrun # 524Highbury Fields72.31%
11 Marparkrun21:13571Highbury Fields parkrun # 523Highbury Fields73.45%
04 Marparkrun21:3367Highbury Fields parkrun # 522Highbury Fields72.31%
11 Febparkrun22:42841Highbury Fields parkrun # 519Highbury Fields68.65%
04 Febparkrun21:51541Highbury Fields parkrun # 518Highbury Fields71.32%
28 Janparkrun21:1758Highbury Fields parkrun # 517Highbury Fields73.22%
21 Janparkrun21:25571Highbury Fields parkrun # 516Highbury Fields72.76%

24 Decparkrun21:49171Highbury Fields parkrun # 510Highbury Fields71.43%
12 Novparkrun21:2457Highbury Fields parkrun # 505Highbury Fields72.82%
29 Octparkrun21:21351Highbury Fields parkrun # 503Highbury Fields72.99%
22 Octparkrun21:18361Highbury Fields parkrun # 502Highbury Fields73.16%
15 Octparkrun21:4345Highbury Fields parkrun # 501Highbury Fields71.76%
23 Julparkrun22:0084Highbury Fields parkrun # 490Highbury Fields70.83%
11 Junparkrun21:4564Highbury Fields parkrun # 485Highbury Fields71.03%
28 Mayparkrun22:0157Highbury Fields parkrun # 483Highbury Fields70.17%
14 Mayparkrun22:2984Highbury Fields parkrun # 481Highbury Fields68.72%
07 Mayparkrun22:50251Shepton Mallet parkrun # 182Shepton Mallet67.66%
30 Aprparkrun22:0475Highbury Fields parkrun # 479Highbury Fields70.02%
26 Feb12KXC73:031802ECCA Saucony English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill52.41%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 73.94%

This equates to a 5K time of 21:15

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 23:15

The race your handicap is based on is: Highbury Fields parkrun # 578 2024-03-16

You can find out more about our handicaps here.