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Club Champions

The club championship takes place at the Cabbage Patch 10 in Twickenham in October. It is a popular race, so be sure to enter when entries open in spring. Prizes are also awarded for veterans and for second and third places.

1987Helen Winter, Paul Simons
1988Paul Simons
1989Helen Winter, Paul Simons
1990Debbie Phillips, Paul Simons
1991Debbie Phillips, Mark Trees
1992Debbie Phillips, J. Griggs
1993Tyrone Berg, Elin Harraghy
1994Diane Miles, Tyrone Berg
1995Debbie Phillips, Tyrone Berg
1999Leslie Rose, Mark Oakes
2000Paul Simons
2001Paul Simons
2002Martin McGuiness
2003Jane Nodder, Tyrone Berg
2004Sarah Bond, Tyrone Berg
2005Kenneth Heney, Sarah Davis
2006Jodi Kamming, Simon Chudley
2007Lucy McGuinness, Timothy Taylor
2008Brigid O'Leary, Timothy Taylor
2009Alex Kitromilides, Mairead O'Rourke
2010Mairead O'Rourke, Simon Freeman
2011Adam Parkes, Ruth Ashton
2012Mairead O'Rourke, Simon Freeman
2013Ian Gordon, Ruth Ashton
2014Adrian Cathersides, Fiona Russell
2015David Glencross, Fiona Russell
2016David Glencross, Hope Sloly
2017Lauren Longhurst, Phil Tysoe
2018Donal Moran, Lauren Longhurst
2019Lauren Longhurst, Mark McAvoy
2020Janine Makaronidis, Russ Hall
2021Henry Woodward, Lauren Longhurst
2021Donal Moran, Janine Makaronidis