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Get Set for Gunnersbury - Spring Training Schedule 2017

A speed focussed training schedule to sharpen us up ready for the Summer League. In preparation for the summer, we're going back to basics and rediscovering our running form with short intervals at high speed. The aim is to then turn this speed into speed endurance over the summer.


The schedule shown is for a runner hoping to complete a 10KM race in a time of 01:10:00.

No optional days selected.

Full Schedule:

Use our pace calculator to find out more about the terms used in the schedule.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1
 Regent's Park. 5 miles Easy (1h07) 12 x 200m (1m) [200m walk recovery] Last 4 reps as relay race  5 miles Easy (1h07)
10 Apr to 16 Apr
Week 2
 Heath. 6 miles Steady (1h14) Pyramid: 100,200,300,400 [3min], 400 [3min], 400, 300, 200, 100. All mile pace. 1min rest except where noted.  London Marathon Cheering
17 Apr to 23 Apr
Week 3
 Rhododendrons. Alternate 12x60s hard with 12x60s float during this run. 8 x 600m (3k) [60s]  7 miles Easy (1h33)
24 Apr to 30 Apr
I predict that the Rhododendrons and Azaleas outside Kenwood will be looking amazing. Don't miss them this week.
Week 4
 Hampstead Heath run, e.g. 1hr fartlek including hard uphills 2 x (6 x 300m (1m) [60s]) 3 mins between sets  7 miles Easy (1h33)
01 May to 07 May
Week 5
 Hampstead Heath, e.g. 1hr fartlek including hard downhills 2 x (7 x 200m (1m) [45s]) 3mins between sets  4 miles Easy, 2 miles Steady (1h18)
08 May to 14 May
Week 6
 Hampstead Heath, e.g. off path route including fast uphills 6 x 800m (3k) [60s]  7 miles Easy (1h33)
15 May to 21 May
Week 7
 Heath. 6 miles Steady (1h14) 8-10 x 400m (1m) [200m jog]  90 minutes easy, or rest if you did Velo Park
22 May to 28 May
The Hill garden and pergola opens late for two months, starting this week. Go and see it!
Week 8
 2 x 2.73m (10m) [3min rest] (Outer circle) 4 x 600m (10k) [200m float]. 4x100m relay practice  Summer League Gunnersbury
29 May to 04 Jun



It's important to be flexible out your schedule. This plan is just an outline and it is important to pay attention to how you feel. Here are some tips: