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6 Incorrectly configured schedule

The schedule contains errors and so cannot be understood by our website.

1Distance:Half Marathon
2Name:St. Neots Half Marathon Schedule
3CommentsThe general philosophy is to run 3 key club sessions a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Saturday is a mix of tempo runs at a steady pace, and Sunday's are long runs building up to Half Marathon Distance and tuning to race pace . This 9 week schedule is designed to get you to the start line of the St Neots Half Marathon in tip top condition.
6Min:306030"4-6 x {800m(5k)[400m jog recovery]} Total 3200-4800m hard, 1600-2400m recovery""3 miles easy / 40 minutes swim / 40 minute cycle / 45 minutes yoga"20*70min
Invalid time*
Week ending44465
8Effort:EasyEasyEasyEasySteadySteadyCommentsSaturday run should be at Tempo pace
9Min:306030"10-12 x {400m(10k pace)[400m jog recovery]} Total 4000-4800m hard, 4000-4800 recovery ""3 miles easy followed by 5 x 10 second strides / 30 minutes swim / 40 minutes cycle / 45 minutes yoga"35*80min
Invalid time*
Week ending44472
12Min:30"6-8 x {30 second hill sprints (3k effort)}[60 second recovery jog]""3 miles easy followed by 5 x 10 second strides / 30 minutes swim / 40 minutes cycle / 45 minutes yoga""3-4 x {1600m (10k) [800m jog recovery]} Total 4800-6400m hard, 2400-3200m recovery.""4 miles easy / 40 minute swim / 50 minute cycle / 55 minutes yoga"25*90min
Invalid time*
Week ending44479
14Effort:EasyEasyEasySteady66% Easy, * SteadyComments20 minutes steady and 10 minutes at target Half Marathon Pace
15Min:305540"8-10 x {200m (3k) [300m jog recovery]}. Total 1600-2000m hard, 2400-3000m recovery""4 miles easy followed by 5 x 15 sec strides / 40 minutes swim / 50 minutes cycle / 55 minutes yoga""3 miles steady / Met League Race - Claybury or Rest/Easy 3 miles if racing on Sunday""Cabbage Patch run / 12 miles steady"Week ending44486
18Min:30"2 x 10 minute Kenyan Hills [3 minute static recovery between reps]"40"6-8x {600m (10k) [400m jog recovery]} Total 3600-4800m hard, 2400-3200m recovery ""3 miles easy / 30 minute swim / 40 minute cycle / 45 minutes yoga"40*100min
Invalid time*
Week ending44493
20Effort:EasyEasyEasyEasySteady* Easy, 20% Steady, 20% Half MarathonComments
21Min:305550"4-6 x {400m (10k) 400m(5k) 200m(3k) [400m jog recovery]}. Total 4000-6000m hard, 1600-2400m recovery ""4 miles easy followed by 6 x 20 second strides"3590Week ending44500
23Effort:Easy83% Easy, * ThresholdEasyEasyEasy55% Easy, 22% Steady, * Half MarathonComments
24Min:30"4-6 x 90 second hill sprints (3k effort) [5 minute jog recovery]"40"6-8 x {600 (5k) [400m jog recovery]}. Total 3600-4800m hard, 2400-3200m recovery""4 miles easy / 40 minute swim / 50 minute cycle / 55 minutes yoga"35*110min
Invalid time*
Week ending44507
26Effort:EasyEasyEasy50% Easy, * Steady22% Easy, 66% Steady, * Half MarathonComments
27Min:30"Highgate plus Regent's Park Outer Circle; 5 miles easy; 4 miles race pace"50"8-10 x {200m (1m) [300m jog recovery]}. Total 1600-2000m hard, 2400-3000m recovery""3 miles easy plus 4 x 20 second strides/ 20 minute swim / 30 minute cycle / 35 minutes yoga"30*60min
Invalid time*
Week ending44514
29Effort:Easy60% Easy, * ThresholdEasyEasyEasyEasyComments
30Min:305030"3 x {1600m} (10k) [800m jog recovery] Total: 4800m hard, 2400m recovery"30"Rest""Half Marathon"Week ending44521
32Effort:EasyEasyEasyEasyEasy* Half MarathonCommentsRace Day!