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Club Policies

Social Media Policy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media accounts that Mornington Chasers Running Club (MCRC) may hold act as a shop window for the club, and must not be used to bring the club into disrepute. As Facebook is our most heavily used social media platform, we refer primarily to Facebook in this document. However, the principles apply to all social media platforms.

The Mornington Chasers Running Club Facebook Group page is an area where our runners can get to know one another and discuss running. It also allows newer members to get a feel for how we are North London's friendliest running club! As well as an area for the committee to promote club events, it's a great place for members to discuss many things including:

It's not the place for:

The Mornington Chasers Committee reserve the right to delete any post or comment from the Chasers' Facebook page without warning or notice.

Persistent flouting of this code will result in banning from the Club's Facebook page and/or club disciplinary action to be decided by the committee on an individual basis.


Please remember that posts are not routinely moderated and we rely on the conduct of the members to allow the social media to operate smoothly. If you have any concerns and wish to complain about any post please email welfare@chaser.me.uk about your complaint. The complaint will then be investigated either quickly and informally by speaking to the poster and the complainant, or if further action is required through the club's Grievance and Complaints Policy as detailed here.