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Club Policies

Mornington Chasers Running Club: Policy on non-payment of membership fees

  1. Mornington Chasers Running Club (MCRC) charges membership fees to cover the cost of club services, including: use of Talacre Sports Centre; use of Parliament Hill track; provision of refreshments; and various subsidised social and athletic activities.
  2. New potential members who are interested in joining the club are allowed to try it out for one calendar month without paying, and are then expected to join.
  3. Members are expected to pay for membership within 3 months of subs falling due.
  4. Lifetime members do not have to pay fees.
  5. Reductions in fees in cases of hardship are available on application to the membership secretary.
  6. It has come to our attention that some individuals have continued to use club services without paying for membership. This is clearly unfair to the vast majority of honest club members. It would be unreasonably onerous for the membership secretary to be expected to check whether individuals using club services have paid for membership. Therefore we rely on individuals to be honest, and not to use club services if they have not paid their subs. It is necessary for the club to impose a penalty in order to discourage non-payment. This will take the form of life-time expulsion from all club activities. Expelled members will not be able to rejoin.
  7. If an individual believes they have been wrongly expelled, they can appeal to the membership secretary, and their case will be considered by the club committee. The decision of the committee will be final.
  8. The club values its connections with former members, and recognises that former full members may want to take part in club activities occasionally without needing to re-join. For example, those who have moved away from London may want to attend a club run when they are visiting. We encourage this, but will not allow this leeway to be unreasonably exploited. Former members should contact the membership secretary to request permission if they intend to attend more than one run in a year, or if they intend to take part in subsidised club events. Under no circumstances should anyone who is not a club member attend more than four club sessions in a year. This exception applies only to former full-members and not to individuals who have taken up any short-term cut-price subscriptions that are offered to Beginners and Beginners graduates. You must have paid for at least one single year membership for this former member policy to apply.