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Saturday Track

Saturday track sessions happen most, but not all, Saturdays. They are designed to compliment our schedules so won't take place if, for example, we have a race on that weekend. When they do take place, it as at 10:00am at Parliament Hill Track. We will post a few weeks in advance on the calendar when Saturday track is NOT taking place.

During coronavirus, details of each week's session will also be posted on the calendar so you can sign up. The session will usually be posted on the calendar a couple of days before it takes place

These sessions are similar to our our Thursday sessions: they are open to runners of all abilities, you must be a member or temporary member, and during coronavirus you must sign up via the calendar in order to take part.

After Coronavirus?

The Saturday track sessions are new, we have only started running them during coronavirus and we don't yet know if they will continue. The questions we will need to answer are: