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Tilly Franklin organized a training run.

Wendover and Buckland circular 12m trail run: meet 08.20am by ticket barrier at Marylebone station to get 08:27 train to Wendover

Date: Sat 10 June 2023
Time: 08:20
Location: Marylebone Station
Pace: Suitable for all

Susan Adam Sounds wonderful. How rough is the trail? Do I need trail shoes?
Jennifer Williams Hey Tilly signed up not the quickest person on hills
Tilly Franklin No problem. Happy to walk hills if needed!  Re trail shoes they do help but I don’t think essential. I haven’t run this trail before so unsure of the precise level of mud - hopefully it will be dry in the run-up!
Amanda Taylor This sounds really nice! Could myself and Jan Kidd join you - we may not be able to do the full 12 miles but happy to give it a go?
Tilly Franklin Yes please more the merrier! 😀
Amanda Taylor Plans have changed, so cant make this Sat :-( hopefully join you another time!
Jennifer Williams Had a very long week at work would love to do this some work other time
Tilly Franklin No problem, will continue to post something about once a month. X