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Eamon Byrne I hope to have up to 3 children with me
Eamon Byrne Hello all.  Unfortunately due to the low numbers signed up for coach travel, a decision was made at tonights committee meeting that the coach will not be booked.  As for the Perivale meeting, if you share Ubers and keep receipts for the journeys, our treasurer Matt will reimburse the fares.  I would suggest an 07:45 meet at Talacre on Sunday morning to allow sufficient time to arrive for the 09:30am 5 mile race.  If I have sufficient family travelling, I will go directly from home and see you there.  Directions on the league website are poor;[Link]
Andrew James I'm going to head straight to Dulwich Park from home
Eamon Byrne See you there Andy
Eamon Byrne Hello all.  I have put a post on club facebook with instructions from Dulwich Park Runners for Sundays event including travel directions.  I intend to make my way directly from home via London Bridge and look forward to seeing you there.