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Robert Scott I'd like to volunteer please
Sarah Funderburk I've added you in!
Paul Dickens Bit late to the party but do you still need volunteers? Happy to help, otherwise I might run
Eamon Byrne Yes please Paul
Philip Barnes Missed the deadline but happy to volunteer 😊
Eamon Byrne Deadline extended Phil - we will be very happy to have you on the team
David Nelson I would like to run this year having never really had the opportunity to over the last few years, but happy to help out with set up or anything after the run
Eamon Byrne Numbers looking good Dave so take you well deserved place on the start line
Alexandra Hearne I'd like to volunteer too, if there is any room left in the team :) 
Eamon Byrne Hi Alexandra.  Yes please - we will be delighted to have you on the team.
Julia Shreeve I will likely have my 6yr old with me so ideally could I do a role near the hub/ start/finish if possible?
Eamon Byrne Hi Julia.  We can allocate you to the start area to manage litter collection 
Izzy Gelder I can volunteer 
Eamon Byrne Thanks Izzy - race if you like and then you can help out once you have finished