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David Nelson Will be running but will make my own way there
Nelson Goh I'm past the deadline but would love to join and catch the bus if there is space!
Sarah Funderburk I've extended the deadline and added you in Nelson!
Dylan Wright Is it too late to sign up for this?
Sarah Funderburk You can still sign up, Dylan!
Eamon Byrne I hope to have some children with me
Phil Batchelor Where do you get the bus?
Alex Renton Hi Phil, the bus will go from Talacre. Eamon will send round details later in the week
Dylan Wright Is the bus 0930 hours or is that when the race starts? 
Eamon Byrne Hi Dylan. The races start at 09.30 so it will be an early departure from Talacre. I will post times once confirmed.
Nelson Goh Nick and Sarah, really sorry! I hurt my knee from overtraining this week. Was really excited about Sunday but now I don't think I will make it. If I should cover some part of the transport cost please let me know!
Dylan Wright What time at Talacre tomorrow morning?
Christopher Ross Hi.  Also wondering what time is the departure from Talacre tomorrow morning?