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Ciara McManus added an event to the calendar.

London Marathon 20k Elite Drinks Station

Date: Sun 23 April 2023
Time: 08:00

The Chasers will once again be manning the 20k Elite Drinks Station for the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April! 

It's an early start meeting at 8am around the London Bridge area but come and be a part of an amazing day putting out drinks for the elite runners and being on the 'front line' ensuring the day is a success.  

You can also spot some of the faster chasers as we're packing away then there's the option to join the club and cheer mass runners at the Chasers cheering point.   

Look out for the event to be added to the Chasers Calendar by close of play this Saturday and sign up to guarantee your place!

Andy Davies too slow 🥲
Cloudy Carnegie Me too Andy :’(
Stephanie Mercier 😭
Daniel Lewis come join the B team at the chaser cheer station 📣🎉