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Alice Sullivan added an event to the calendar.


Run with Mara Yamauchi

Date: Wed 31 August 2022
Time: 19:00

Mara Yamauchi will be giving a structured training session exclusively for Mornington Chasers, followed by a talk to launch her book on 'Marathon Wisdom' at the Grafton.

The run will be either at Regent's Park or Primrose Hill, precise details to follow.

Separate sign ups for each event, as we can cater to more people for the book launch, and are limited to 50 people for the training session.

About Mara and Marathon Wisdom: Mara Yamauchi is a two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, and one of the UK's fastest female marathon runners ever with a personal best of 2:23:12. But there is much more to Mara than just running fast.
During her career as a world-class marathon runner, Mara experienced the exhilarating highs and crushing lows of elite sport. Her experiences proved to be an enriching journey of immense self-development, deep understanding and valuable learning—about her character, running and life itself.
This book of 42.195 insights—the number of kilometres in a marathon—distils the wealth of wisdom and experience Mara has gained as a world-class athlete. From planning training, optimising nutrition, and preparing effectively for racing to coping with disappointments and struggles with mental illness, Mara shares everything she has learned—good and bad—as one of the world's top marathoners. Not one to spoon-feed her training plans, Mara instead encourages you to think critically to understand how to improve and set your own goals. She also takes you into the revered world of distance running in Japan, one of the world's marathon superpowers. This book has something for everyone, from beginner runners to competitive athletes and those aspiring to the very top.
Mara's insights are also applicable beyond running and are meant for anyone who wants to realise a dream or achieve a lifetime goal in whatever field is special to them.


Alice Sullivan Hi everyone. We will be meeting at 7pm at the hub, Regent's park. Turn up ready to run. We'll be running in a coned loop, but bear in mind there is no-where to lock belongings. The run is fully booked, but there is still plenty of space at the book launch at the Grafton afterwards (there will be food provided). If you'd like to buy a signed copy of Mara's book on the evening, remember to bring cash. (You can also bring your own copy to sign).
Susan Adam I am trying to cancel myself but I’m still showing as attending. I’m out of town but want someone to have my spot for the training run. 
Nick Herbert Thanks Alice! Do you know what sort of distance we’ll be running?