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Phil West organized a training run.

Improvers Group week 3. For graduates of this year's Autumn Beginners course. 3.5+ miles with stops as necessary. Meet Phil upstairs as usual. One experienced volunteer to run at the back would be great - any offers?

Date: Tue 21 December 2021
Time: 19:00
Location: Talacre Centre
Pace: Suitable for all

Jacqueline Plested Hi Phil, I’m a graduate from the Spring beginners group. I was leading a recent graduate run on a Tuesday, from Gospel Oak , but had to curtail due to work. I’d gladly run at the back this Tuesday. Let me know. Jacqueline
Phil West Thanks Jacqueline. I’ll confirm when it’s clear what is happening on the 21st
Jacqueline Plested 👍
Phil West Hi again Jacqueline. At least 4 people have said they are planning to come, so, if you were willing to join us on the 21st, that would be great. We meet upstairs at the Talacre, in the section towards the front doors. I'll be there from 6.55. Thanks again!
Jacqueline Plested Ok, I’ll see you Tuesday 😀
Jacqueline Plested Morning Phil. Just checking if this run is still happening tonight? 👍
Phil West Yes, good to go.
Jacqueline Plested 👍
Phil West Please see text. Let me know if you don't get it! Thanks