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Phil West organized a training run.

Improvers Group week 1. For graduates of this year's Autumn Beginners course. 3-4 miles with stops as necessary. Meet Phil West in the usual place upstairs. One extra volunteer to run at the back would be grand - please let me know here. Thanks!

Date: Tue 7 December 2021
Time: 19:00
Location: Talacre Centre
Pace: Suitable for all

Laurie Boult Love this Phil - brilliant.  I have let beginners know and I'm sure you'll see sign-ups! 
Phil West 👍
Kayla MILLER I’ll be joining please Phil. Many thanks for organising 
Phil West 👍
Charlotte Whitehead Thanks for this Phil. I've signed up 👍
Phil West 👍
Charlotte Whitehead I'm sorry Phil.. I'm still poorly! Really wanted to come - gutted:-( 
Phil West Sorry about that. Get well soon and hopefully see you next week 
Janet Kidd Thank you Phil! 
Phil West 👍
Gita Agard Thank you this is great Phil, I've sighed
Phil West 👍
Gita Agard *signed up
martina johnson thank you Phil see you tomorrow
Phil West 👍
Kayla MILLER Sorry Phil. Still working so don’t think I’ll get to you in time tonight. 
Phil West No worries. Hope to see you next week.
Janet Kidd Hi Phil. Do we need our head torches tonight? 
Phil West Should be ok without 
Phil West Well run all!