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Chloe Bazlen added an event to the calendar.

North Downs (Guildford to Boxhill) Trail Run

Date: Sat 23 October 2021
Time: 09:00

Escaping to the autumnal countryside for a little trail run, Guildford to Boxhill on the North Downs! 

Roughly 26 km / 16 miles at roughly 10+ min mile or pace of the slowest runner. Catching the 9am train from Waterloo Station to Guildford.

Plus, pub afterwards for those who are keen at The Stepping Stone. :) 

Lydia May I really want to do a bit of trail, but I will 1) be slow and 2) be capping at 10 miles. Is there a route map so I can figure out what I want to do? If it's inconvenient for me to come I will of course bow out, many thanks!
Chloe Bazlen Hey Lydia! No problem! The route is a one way version of this: [Link] Because they're on two different train lines, I'm not sure there's a station in between! But have a look and see what you think! ☺️
Lydia May Thanks! Will do 😊