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Daniel Lewis sorry, just realised it's day before st neots 🤦
Andy Davies And in the afternoon as well
Daniel Lewis hi @Rafaele sorry to be a pain, ignore my previous comment - I would like to run this XC after all! Think I'll give St Neots a skip instead. Hope that's ok? (deadline says 31/10 🤞)
Rafaele Lamour Yes, no problem Dan. 
Tamsin Ogilvie I am new to this group. And haven't even had the chance of running with you yet! But I am keen to take part in the X country on 20 Nov. I see I have missed the deadline given above. Is there any way to get myself registered at this late stage? Thanks a million for any advice. 
Stephen West unlikely, the deadline is set by SEAA and they are strict on their deadlines, because they use ankle chip system.
Rafaele Lamour Hi Tamsin, As Stephen said, it is too late now but I have had one cancellation today for injury so if you don't mind running with someone else's number then you are welcome to it. Let me know. 
Chloe Bazlen Hi Rafaele! I'm so sorry but can no longer take part -- it won't let me cancel so am hoping you'll see this comment! 
Laurie Boult Advice needed - do we think this is a trail shoes or spikes run?  Cheers, Laurie
Rafaele Lamour Spikes! You could get away with trail shoes as it hasn't rained much lately but the youngsters would have churn it all out before the senior races. Some parts get very muddy and you wouldn't get enough grip with trail shoes. Still doable I guess (for those who don't have spikes) but if you have them, spikes. 
Laurie Boult Thanks Rafaele! 
Daniel Lewis Spikes are for Heathsiders  👎