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Sarah Funderburk added an event to the calendar.


Derek Smith 3000m

Date: Sat 8 May 2021
Time: 09:00

Your event day instructions are HERE! Please read everything below carefully, and pay close to attention to your Heat and Start times. 

Event Day

We want everyone to have 360 degrees of support as they complete their race, so if at all possible please come in time for the first event and stay to support others when your race has finished.


We have an incredible 65 Chasers registered to run (plus one registered pacer), so we do need to take social-distancing seriously.

  • You must not attend the event if you have been asked to self-isolate or have any coronavirus symptoms.
  • Bring your own water, safety-pins and a face-mask.
  • You must visit registration on arrival. You will be asked to confirm that you have no coronavirus symptoms and will be reminded of the social-distancing measures we have in place.
  • Please follow all instructions from our race-day marshals. They will be wearing high-vis vests.
  • There are a number of cheering zones marked out with cones. Please stand in these areas to cheer on the runners in groups of at most 6. This will mean we achieve both 360 degrees of support and social-distancing. There will be hand sanitiser provided in each cheering zone.
  • Avoid the finish area. Please don't distract our officials by gathering round the finish area. If you have questions on the day, check out this web page or speak to one of the marshals in high-vis.
  • There our toilets available on the Heath and at the track, but you must wear a face mask.
  • You can read our full risk-assessment here.

Race Instructions

  • The races and start times are listed below. We suggest arriving to the track and registering at least 20 minutes before your start time
  • Each race starts at the opposite corner of the track to the finish and the race is 7.5 laps of the track.
  • You must wear a race number both on your front and on your back. Numbers and pins will be handed out at registration.
  • You must arrive at the start area 5 minutes before your race is due to start.
  • You may do your warm-up drills along the back straight (opposite the finish area), but please do your warm-up jog on the path outside the facility. It is a good idea to do a very thorough warm up for a short race such as 3000m. For example 1 mile jog, 1 mile at threshold (comfortably fast that you could sustain for 1hr), 1 mile jog then drills and strides.
  • When you have completed your race, please leave the finish area in good time to leave space for the runners in the next race.
  • Your results will be available here and will be entered as soon as we can on race day.


Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 1

Start time 09:30
Goal time: sub 18

Bib Name Seed Time
1 Stephen West 21:00
2 Eleanor Thomson 19:10
3 Abigail Cass 18:45
5 Molly Stewart 18:00
6 Roxy Caplan 18:00
7 Lizzy Muggeridge 17:59

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 2

Start time 09:55
Goal time: sub 12:30 Race #1

Bib Name Seed Time
8 Jodie Pearlman 12:30
9 Juliette Westbrook 12:30
10 Matteo Carminati 12:30
11 Nick Johnson 12:30
12 Hattie Lowe 12:30
13 Camilla Ray 12:30
14 Rosie Young 12:27

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 3

Start time 10:15
Goal time: sub 15:00

Bib Name Seed Time
15 Nicky Chorley 17:00
16 Anna Smale 16:00
18 Collette Farnol 15:16
19 Tina Allardyce 15:15
20 Mary Kyle 15:00
21 Ciara McManus 15:00
22 Laurie Boult 15:00
23 Stephanie Mercier 15:00
24 Michael Bowden 15:00
25 Patrick Li 15:00

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 4

Start time 10:35
Goal time: sub 14-13:30

Bib Name Seed Time
26 Ellen Smyth 14:30
17 Rafaele Lamour 14:00
27 Carmen Harrington 14:00
28 Fiona Russel 14:00
29 Jennifer Moore 14:00
30 Robin Smale 14:00
31 Paul Allen 13:57
32 Jemima Ellis 13:46
33 Alice Sullivan 13:40

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 5

Start time 10:55
Goal time: sub 12:30 #2

Bib Name Seed Time
35 Daniel Lewis 13:00
36 Gaby Anderson 12:45
37 Emily Morgan 12:38
38 Ellie Holloway 12:34
39 Andy Davies 12:30
40 Bill Patel 12:30
41 David Renton 12:30

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 6

Start time 11:15
Goal time: sub 12:00

Bib Name Seed Time
42 Sophie Brownlee 12:15
43 Danielle Smreczak 12:10
44 Alex Renton 12:00
45 Joe Temple 12:00
46 Paul Sant 12:00
47 Rebecca Taylor 12:00
48 David Nelson 11:59
49 Myles Preston Pacer

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 7

Start time: 11:35
Goal time: sub 11:15

Bib Name Seed Time
50 Daniel Berry 11:53
51 Rendy Prakaso 11:45
52 Robert Scott 11:45
53 Matt Brand 11:33
54 Finlay Brown 11:27
55 Liam Moroney 11:25
56 Stephen Nash 11:15

Derek Smith 3000m - Heat 8

Start time: 11:55
Goal time: sub 10:00

Bib Name Seed Time
57 Patrick Kyle 11:00
59 Sam Watts 11:00
60 Jonathan Thomson 10:59
62 John Armstrong 10:50
64 Russ Hall 10:01
65 Henry Woodward 09:46

Derek Smith 1930-2021

We're holding this race in memory of Derek Smith, a Mornington Chasers legend who sadly passed away this March. He was one of the earliest members of the club, a frequent runner with us into his eighties and a constant volunteer. He received honorary lifetime membership for his work for the club in 2015.

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Jodie Pearlman
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Carmen Harrington
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Yan (Patrick) Li
Sam Watts
John Armstrong
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Henry Woodward
Alice Sullivan
Nick Johnson
Anna Smale
Molly Stewart
Liam Moroney
David Renton
Mary Kyle
Myles Preston BA (Hons), CIMA (Cert), GDL, LPC, PGCE, MA, MSc, A* A Level in Government and Politics
Stephen West Looks like going be a wet race, suggest bringing an umbrella an bin linear to stuff dry
Ellen Smyth I’m afraid I can’t make this anymore, sorry. Not sure where best to let the team know so hope this reaches you guys and good luck chasers!
Sarah Funderburk Thanks, Ellen - gotchya down. 
Eleanor Thomson I missed my train due to a bus cancellation, - so won't make it and came back home.  Next time I'll add more time in case of transport. And sorry, I know you may not see this.