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Race Results

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Individual Results

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Laura Mogaji

Power of 10 id: 780516

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Results by Year


05 Octparkrun28:27253Highbury Fields parkrun # 418Highbury Fields52.37%
13 Aprparkrun28:18206Hampstead Heath parkrun # 412Hampstead Heath52.65%
06 Aprparkrun32:53358Hampstead Heath parkrun # 411Hampstead Heath45.31%
16 Febparkrun26:28201Southwark parkrun # 276Southwark56.30%
09 Febparkrun24:29147Mile End parkrun # 366Mile End60.72%
26 Janparkrun29:59261Hampstead Heath parkrun # 402Hampstead Heath49.58%
19 Janparkrun25:53212Hackney Marshes parkrun # 448Hackney Marshes57.44%
05 Janparkrun24:36211Clacton Seafront parkrun # 113Clacton Seafront60.43%

15 Decparkrun26:55214Finsbury Park parkrun # 446Finsbury Park55.23%
06 Octparkrun28:17256Highbury Fields parkrun # 365Highbury Fields52.56%
20 MayHM2:23:332:09:479441330Virgin Sport Hackney Half MarathonHackney50.74%
10 Febparkrun29:10260Mile End parkrun # 315Mile End50.97%
03 Febparkrun28:43204Highbury Fields parkrun # 332Highbury Fields51.65%

14 Octparkrun36:53282Highbury Fields parkrun # 314Highbury Fields40.22%
05 Augparkrun35:20182Stevenage parkrun # 61Stevenage41.98%
15 Julparkrun28:53178Mile End parkrun # 285Mile End51.36%
24 Junparkrun29:16168Highbury Fields parkrun # 299Highbury Fields50.68%
14 Janparkrun27:14180Mile End parkrun # 259Mile End54.35%
07 Janparkrun30:55247Mile End parkrun # 258Mile End47.87%

12 Novparkrun29:39379Cardiff parkrun # 463Cardiff49.92%
08 Jun6H6.56Phoenix Who ya Gonna Call 6-HourWalton On Thames
30 May10K61:0059:286766Vitality London 10,000London51.15%
08 MayHM2:38:2210783Vitality Run Hackney Half MarathonHackney41.35%
30 Aprparkrun34:47330Wimpole Estate parkrun # 168Wimpole Estate42.55%
05 Marparkrun28:27130Highbury Fields parkrun # 231Highbury Fields52.02%

19 Jul10K74:0757:434354Morrisons Great Newham London Run 10KNewham52.61%
25 May10K59:5859:405918Bupa London 10,000London50.89%
24 May1M14:2814:181036Bupa Westminster MileLondon
10 MayHM3:07:022:49:089989Run Hackney Half MarathonHackney38.65%
22 MarHM2:05:052:04:28234Welwyn Half MarathonWelwyn Garden City52.52%

10 Mayparkrun32:23103Highbury Fields parkrun # 133Highbury Fields45.60%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 58.75%

This equates to a race time of 27:51

The race this is based on is: Mile End parkrun # 366 2019-02-09