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Race Results

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Rosie Dougherty

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Results by Year


06 Novparkrun27:52197Hampstead Heath parkrun # 473Hampstead Heath52.99%
19 Jun50KMT4:51:1666Lea Valley 50KWelwyn56.19%

04 OctOther00:31:3800:31:38Hellish Hills of HighgateHighgate
08 Feb7.8KXC40:27125Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park
01 Febparkrun22:52165Burgess parkrun # 375Burgess64.58%
19 Jan15MMT2:23:362:22:19334Benfleet 15Benfleet
11 Janparkrun31:00356Hampstead Heath parkrun # 450Hampstead Heath47.63%

25 Decparkrun24:32581Corby parkrun # 322Corby60.19%
14 Decparkrun23:0553Lincoln parkrun # 304Lincoln63.97%
30 Novparkrun29:51218Hampstead Heath parkrun # 444Hampstead Heath49.47%
17 NovHM1:40:5399:43390St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt Neots65.39%
13 Oct10M87:2285:45668Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham57.55%
06 Julparkrun33:26402Hampstead Heath parkrun # 424Hampstead Heath44.17%
30 Jun5M00:43:0620226Summer LeaguePerivale55.49%
29 Junparkrun29:47279Hampstead Heath parkrun # 423Hampstead Heath49.58%
23 Jun5M00:46:2319522Summer LeagueHeadstone Manor Park51.56%
22 Junparkrun28:40251Hampstead Heath parkrun # 422Hampstead Heath51.51%
21 JunMile6:58.74Golden Stag Mile OpenFinsbury Park60.09%
02 Jun5M00:43:2518522Summer LeagueDulwich Park55.09%
16 MayOther00:37:2700:29:3915Mornington Chasers Handicap ChampionshipHighgate Woods
11 Mayparkrun28:46244Hampstead Heath parkrun # 416Hampstead Heath51.33%
28 AprMar4:01:1315147Virgin London MarathonLondon56.14%
06 Aprparkrun27:22263Brockwell parkrun # 415Brockwell53.96%
10 MarHM1:56:255818Vitality Big Half MarathonGreenwich56.01%
02 Marparkrun30:44278Kettering parkrun # 124Kettering48.05%
12 Janparkrun30:46367Hampstead Heath parkrun # 400Hampstead Heath48.00%
05 Janparkrun29:32233Kettering parkrun # 117Kettering50.00%
01 Janparkrun26:21901Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrun # 18Walmer and Deal Seafront56.04%
01 Janparkrun26:50142Pegwell Bay parkrun # 293Pegwell Bay55.03%

25 Decparkrun37:15227Corby parkrun # 270Corby39.64%
18 NovHM1:53:261:51:26670St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt Neots58.51%
04 Augparkrun25:1776Keswick parkrun # 217Keswick58.40%
02 Junparkrun24:29651Pegwell Bay parkrun # 262Pegwell Bay60.31%
19 Mayparkrun25:58122Kettering parkrun # 84Kettering56.87%
20 Janparkrun31:50255Hampstead Heath parkrun # 351Hampstead Heath46.39%

25 Decparkrun35:44161Corby parkrun # 220Corby41.32%
09 Decparkrun28:20153Hampstead Heath parkrun # 345Hampstead Heath52.12%
07 Octparkrun31:54266Hampstead Heath parkrun # 336Hampstead Heath46.29%
30 Sepparkrun30:13186Kettering parkrun # 52Kettering48.87%
22 Aprparkrun28:16337Tooting Common parkrun # 65Tooting Common52.24%

19 Novparkrun40:20200Kettering parkrun # 9Kettering36.61%
22 Octparkrun40:11291Kettering parkrun # 5Kettering36.75%
17 Sepparkrun28:08215Tooting Common parkrun # 33Tooting Common52.49%
11 Junparkrun27:10215Tooting Common parkrun # 20Tooting Common54.36%
04 Junparkrun26:58206Tooting Common parkrun # 19Tooting Common54.76%
28 Mayparkrun27:00124Highbury Fields parkrun # 242Highbury Fields54.69%
14 Mayparkrun27:51265Tooting Common parkrun # 16Tooting Common53.02%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 62.73%

This equates to a 5K time of 23:32

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 25:44

The race your handicap is based on is: Burgess parkrun # 375 2020-02-01

You can find out more about our handicaps here.