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Race Results

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Individual Results

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John Mehrzad

Power of 10 id: 770894

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Results by Year


10 Oct5K18:52284RunThrough Olympic Park 5KLondon Olympic Park73.14%
27 Sep5K18:3518:3521NoblePro MK5km PB SpecialMilton Keynes74.26%
29 Febparkrun19:5724Futakotamagawa parkrun # 44Futakotamagawa, JPN68.76%
18 Janparkrun18:4824Burgess parkrun # 373Burgess72.96%
11 Jan10K39:1539:14121RunThrough Olympic Park 10KLondon Olympic Park70.65%

21 Decparkrun18:5013Burgess parkrun # 368Burgess72.83%
14 Decparkrun18:4916Burgess parkrun # 367Burgess72.90%
07 Dec10K38:5038:49184QEOP Winter 10K SeriesLondon Olympic Park71.40%
23 Novparkrun18:5821Burgess parkrun # 364Burgess72.32%
16 NovHM87:4887:42534RunThrough Victoria Park Half MarathonLondon Victoria Park68.45%
09 Novparkrun18:5623Burgess parkrun # 362Burgess72.45%
26 Octparkrun19:3232Burgess parkrun # 360Burgess70.22%
19 Octparkrun19:3626Burgess parkrun # 359Burgess69.98%
28 Sepparkrun19:4435Burgess parkrun # 356Burgess69.51%
15 AprMar3:15:533:12:044748760BAA Boston MarathonBoston MA, USA65.83%
03 Mar20MMT2:27:142:27:145541Thames Riverside 20London Bishop's Park
01 Jan10K39:0939:0766Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park70.35%

29 Decparkrun18:55141Burgess parkrun # 317Burgess71.98%
22 Decparkrun19:0471Burgess parkrun # 316Burgess71.42%
04 NovMar3:06:593:06:551766TCS New York City MarathonNew York NY, USA67.23%
27 Octparkrun18:3912Burgess parkrun # 308Burgess73.01%
23 Jul5K19:065613Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park71.29%
21 Julparkrun18:5221Burgess parkrun # 294Burgess72.17%
14 Julparkrun18:4914Burgess parkrun # 293Burgess72.36%
30 Junparkrun18:49141Burgess parkrun # 291Burgess72.36%
25 Jun5K18:4145Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park72.88%
18 Jun5K18:544913Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park72.05%
09 Junparkrun00:18:29151Park RunBurgess73.67%
02 Junparkrun18:5419Burgess parkrun # 287Burgess72.05%
28 May10K40:12830Vitality London 10,000London68.45%
12 Mayparkrun19:0226Burgess parkrun # 284Burgess71.54%
17 Marparkrun19:0213Burgess parkrun # 276Burgess Park71.54%
13 JanHM82:4182:39182RunThrough Victoria Park Half MarathonLondon Victoria Park71.81%
01 Jan10K38:22469Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park71.29%

08 OctMar3:07:131428Bank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL, USA66.76%
23 Sepparkrun18:4112Burgess parkrun # 253Burgess Park72.35%
05 Jun5K18:455616Self Transcendence Rapid Rabbit 5KBattersea Park72.09%
20 Mayparkrun18:3819Dulwich parkrun # 271Dulwich72.54%
06 Mayparkrun18:4019Dulwich parkrun # 269Dulwich72.41%
09 AprMar2:59:472:59:3510423Brighton MarathonBrighton69.60%
25 Marparkrun18:0910Dulwich parkrun # 263Dulwich74.47%
05 Mar20MMT2:16:412:16:4124Thames Riverside 20London Bishop's Park
19 FebHM82:5182:5064Hampton Court Half MarathonKingston upon Thames71.33%
19 Febparkrun01:22:5101:22:5064Hampton Court Half MarathonHampton Court16.20%
14 JanHM84:3784:34215RunThrough Victoria Park Half MarathonLondon Victoria Park69.87%
14 JanHM01:24:3701:24:34215Run ThroughVictoria Park69.87%
07 Janparkrun18:2712Burgess parkrun # 217Burgess Park72.72%

24 Decparkrun00:18:1431Park RunBurgess73.58%
10 Decparkrun00:18:2551ParkrnBurgess72.85%
10 Decparkrun18:2551Burgess parkrun # 214Burgess Park72.85%
04 Dec10K38:3938:3919Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park70.38%
26 Novparkrun00:19:472025kAshton Court67.82%
06 Nov10K39:3239:2738Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park68.95%
15 Octparkrun18:5711Burgess parkrun # 206Burgess Park70.80%
25 SepMar3:05:433:05:09BMW Berlin MarathonBerlin, GER67.20%
25 SepMar3:05:433:05:091933439Berlin MarathonBerlin67.20%
10 Sepparkrun00:18:2100:18:21122Burgess parkrun # 201Burgess Park73.12%
04 SepHM01:25:0801:25:046739Maidenhead Half MarathonMaidenhead69.46%
28 Aug10K39:4339:438London Summer 10KLondon Regents Park68.49%
20 Augparkrun18:5112Southwark parkrun # 154London Southwark Park71.18%
13 Augparkrun18:537Burgess parkrun # 198Burgess Park71.05%
06 Augparkrun19:1515Burgess parkrun # 197Burgess Park69.70%
30 May10K40:2440:13590Vitality London 10,000London67.63%
24 AprMar3:09:263:07:553023Virgin London MarathonLondon66.21%
13 MarHM1:29:271:29:08232139Surrey Half MarathonWoking66.29%

06 Dec10K42:0142:0043Mornington Chasers' Regent's Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park64.44%
16 Aug10K43:3243:1425London Summer 10KLondon Regents Park62.61%
25 May10K47:2144:481701Bupa London 10,000London60.42%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 73.95%

This equates to a race time of 20:24

The race this is based on is: NoblePro MK5km PB Special 2020-09-27