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Race Results

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Louise McCormick

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Results by Year


18 Janparkrun37:43747Finsbury Park parkrun # 501Finsbury Park39.51%

14 Sepparkrun32:2116Rock Creek Trail parkrun # 2Rock Creek Trail45.96%
10 Augparkrun32:50405Finsbury Park parkrun # 477Finsbury Park45.28%
03 Augparkrun35:53368Hampstead Heath parkrun # 428Hampstead Heath41.43%
27 Julparkrun32:59159Armley parkrun # 57Armley45.07%
27 May10K1:52:5269:33129573941Vitality London 10,000London43.93%
30 Marparkrun31:37383Hampstead Heath parkrun # 410Hampstead Heath47.02%
09 MarHM2:17:352:15:5362764RunThrough Victoria Park Half MarathonLondon Victoria Park48.46%
12 Janparkrun31:49587Finsbury Park parkrun # 451Finsbury Park46.73%

25 Decparkrun32:1188Armley parkrun # 27Armley46.09%
13 Octparkrun29:5788Armley parkrun # 16Armley49.53%
05 AugHMMT2:36:492:27:39620RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half MarathonWimbledon44.46%
30 Junparkrun29:39246Woodhouse Moor parkrun # 567Woodhouse Moor50.03%
23 Junparkrun31:55276Ally Pally parkrun # 333Ally Pally46.48%
09 Junparkrun30:37283Richmond Park parkrun # 564Richmond Park48.45%
19 Mayparkrun29:45256Hampstead Heath parkrun # 367Hampstead Heath49.86%
13 MayHM02:28:2202:15:524513566Asda Foundation Leeds Half MarathonLeeds48.32%
21 Aprparkrun30:32285Hampstead Heath parkrun # 363Hampstead Heath48.58%
08 AprHM02:16:0202:11:173740494Sheffield Half MarathonSheffield50.01%
31 Marparkrun29:15133Hampstead Heath parkrun # 360Hampstead Heath50.71%
18 MarHMMT2:29:402:12:212024RunThrough Hampton Court Palace Half MarathonThames Ditton49.60%
18 MarHM02:29:4002:12:211861431Hampton Court Half MarathonHampton Court49.60%
10 Marparkrun29:53257Hampstead Heath parkrun # 357Hampstead Heath49.64%
24 Febparkrun31:39247Hampstead Heath parkrun # 356Hampstead Heath46.87%
24 Febparkrun00:31:3900:31:3924711ParkrunHampstead Heath46.87%
17 Febparkrun30:42282Hampstead Heath parkrun # 355Hampstead Heath48.32%
28 Jan10K01:03:1201:00:56Run Richmond Park 2018 RaceRichmond Park50.00%

02 Decparkrun30:5499Bramley parkrun # 125Bramley47.90%
22 Oct10KMT64:2063:10303RunThrough Greenwich Park 10KLondon Greenwich Park48.15%
14 Octparkrun32:15270Hampstead Heath parkrun # 337Hampstead Heath45.89%
01 OctMar5:27:525:27:27376Standard Chartered Jersey MarathonSt Helier41.46%
23 Sepparkrun30:28263Hampstead Heath parkrun # 334Hampstead Heath48.58%
26 AugHM2:27:41146RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark Half MarathonLee Valley44.34%
30 JulHMMT2:50:112:43:47722RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half MarathonWimbledon39.98%
15 Julparkrun32:11250Hampstead Heath parkrun # 325Hampstead Heath45.99%
08 Julparkrun32:52255Hampstead Heath parkrun # 324Hampstead Heath45.03%

01 Marparkrun29:1563Ally Pally parkrun # 112Ally Pally50.48%
22 Febparkrun30:0256Ally Pally parkrun # 111Ally Pally49.17%
01 Febparkrun31:3772Ally Pally parkrun # 108Ally Pally46.71%
25 Janparkrun31:2561Ally Pally parkrun # 107Ally Pally47.00%
18 Janparkrun32:4180Ally Pally parkrun # 106Ally Pally45.18%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 37.62%

This equates to a 5K time of 39:47

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 43:30

The race your handicap is based on is: Finsbury Park parkrun # 501 2020-01-18

You can find out more about our handicaps here.