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Race Results

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Edith MacLean

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Results by Year


14 Marparkrun32:37246Southwark parkrun # 332Southwark45.27%
29 Febparkrun37:58238Kingston parkrun # 521Kingston38.89%
01 Janparkrun34:28290Highbury Fields parkrun # 432Highbury Fields42.84%
01 Janparkrun49:41697Southwark parkrun # 321Southwark29.72%

25 Decparkrun33:412032Bushy Park parkrun # 821Bushy Park43.84%
30 Novparkrun34:17327Hampstead Heath parkrun # 444Hampstead Heath43.07%
19 Octparkrun31:14242Hampstead Heath parkrun # 438Hampstead Heath47.28%
12 Octparkrun30:24132Gladstone parkrun # 386Gladstone48.57%
28 Sepparkrun36:12366Hampstead Heath parkrun # 435Hampstead Heath40.79%
15 SepHMMT2:31:362714Richmond RUNFEST Half MarathonKew43.01%
24 Augparkrun31:59258Hampstead Heath parkrun # 431Hampstead Heath46.17%
13 Julparkrun39:22453Hampstead Heath parkrun # 425Hampstead Heath37.51%
15 Junparkrun1:30:41464Hampstead Heath parkrun # 421Hampstead Heath16.28%
04 Mayparkrun32:46437Finsbury Park parkrun # 467Finsbury Park45.07%
27 Aprparkrun30:50327Highbury Fields parkrun # 396Highbury Fields47.89%
20 Aprparkrun28:59883Bushy Park parkrun # 785Bushy Park50.95%
06 Aprparkrun00:31:34334Hampstead Heath parkrun # 411Hampstead Heath46.78%
30 Marparkrun33:56453Hampstead Heath parkrun # 410Hampstead Heath43.52%
23 Marparkrun34:06425Hampstead Heath parkrun # 409Hampstead Heath43.30%
09 Marparkrun34:51348Hampstead Heath parkrun # 407Hampstead Heath42.37%
23 Febparkrun35:02341Hampstead Heath parkrun # 405Hampstead Heath42.15%

29 Decparkrun39:04404Richmond Park parkrun # 594Richmond Park37.80%