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Race Results

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Individual Results

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Gary Homewood

Power of 10 id: 311068

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Results by Year


08 Feb7.8KXC40:2041035Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park
25 Jan14KXC78:101011South of England AA ChampionshipsParliament Hill
18 Jan5MXC38:111207Chingford LeagueHackney Marshes64.71%
11 Jan8.1KXC43:0843322Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
04 Janparkrun24:12100Hampstead Heath parkrun # 449Hampstead Heath63.36%

28 Dec10MMT85:57403Ilford 10Chigwell Row59.86%
21 Decparkrun23:3951Hampstead Heath parkrun # 447Hampstead Heath64.83%
14 Decparkrun24:3279Hampstead Heath parkrun # 446Hampstead Heath62.50%
07 Dec8KXC41:2440327Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge60.27%
23 Nov7.8KXC38:5420735Fraternity / Sorority Cup (incl Chingford League)Trent Park
16 Nov10KXC57:08441London ChampionshipsParliament Hill54.90%
09 Nov7.8KXC38:3445230Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWelwyn Garden City
02 Nov5MXC38:078236North London ChampionshipsWormwood Scrubs64.83%
26 Oct5MXC38:2915019Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury64.21%
13 Oct10KMT49:3510519Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood63.26%
12 Oct8.1KXC42:2039329Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury Park
05 Octparkrun24:10110Hampstead Heath parkrun # 436Hampstead Heath63.45%
28 Sepparkrun24:28113Hampstead Heath parkrun # 435Hampstead Heath62.67%
21 Sepparkrun24:00104Hampstead Heath parkrun # 434Hampstead Heath63.89%
07 Sepparkrun23:5894Hampstead Heath parkrun # 433Hampstead Heath63.49%
31 Augparkrun24:41127Hampstead Heath parkrun # 432Hampstead Heath61.65%
03 Aug5MMT42:2017031Orion Harriers Forest ELVIS 5Chingford57.88%
06 Jul5MMT41:4910524Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford58.60%
29 Junparkrun26:11154Hampstead Heath parkrun # 423Hampstead Heath58.12%
15 Junparkrun24:28117Hampstead Heath parkrun # 421Hampstead Heath62.19%
01 Junparkrun24:35110Hampstead Heath parkrun # 419Hampstead Heath61.90%
11 Mayparkrun24:14115Hampstead Heath parkrun # 416Hampstead Heath62.79%
04 Mayparkrun24:57132Hampstead Heath parkrun # 415Hampstead Heath60.99%
27 Aprparkrun24:59114Hampstead Heath parkrun # 414Hampstead Heath60.91%
30 Mar15MXC2:39:3327334Orion 15Chingford
09 Feb7.5KXC45:1541433Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
26 Janparkrun25:38130Hampstead Heath parkrun # 402Hampstead Heath59.36%
19 Janparkrun25:50137Hampstead Heath parkrun # 401Hampstead Heath58.90%
12 Jan8KXC42:2951339Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs58.22%

01 Dec8KXC43:2437031Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge56.99%
17 NovHMMT1:57:551:57:2332753Dirt Half MarathonLeighton Buzzard57.50%
10 Nov8KXC42:2648534Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWelwyn Garden City58.29%
27 Oct8KXC37:4313015Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury65.58%
29 Sepparkrun24:37107Hampstead Heath parkrun # 385Hampstead Heath61.81%
01 Sepparkrun24:46126Hampstead Heath parkrun # 382Hampstead Heath60.97%
28 Aprparkrun25:20103Hampstead Heath parkrun # 364Hampstead Heath59.61%
21 Aprparkrun26:19134Hampstead Heath parkrun # 363Hampstead Heath57.38%
24 Feb12KXC73:172210ECCA Saucony English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill50.88%
10 Feb8KXC47:3837841Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park51.50%
21 Jan15MMT2:29:522:29:0138857Benfleet 15Benfleet
13 Jan8KXC42:19521Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs57.98%
06 Jan12KXC65:44153Middlesex County ChampionshipsPerivale56.72%

30 Dec10MMT92:25377Ilford 10Chigwell Row54.70%
23 Decparkrun24:2864Hampstead Heath parkrun # 347Hampstead Heath61.72%
16 Decparkrun24:5570Hampstead Heath parkrun # 346Hampstead Heath60.60%
02 Dec8KXC40:0246844Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge61.28%
25 Nov7.8KXC40:2911033Fraternity / Sorority CupTrent Park
18 NovHMMT1:59:421:59:1534244Dirt Half MarathonLeighton Buzzard56.10%
11 Nov7.8KXC39:4049742Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWelwyn Garden City
28 Oct5MXC39:2914314Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury61.56%
21 Octparkrun25:16103Hampstead Heath parkrun # 338Hampstead Heath59.76%
14 Oct8KXC43:0148041Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury Park57.03%
08 Oct10KMT51:0522139Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood60.33%
05 Aug5MMT41:3816123Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford57.91%
15 Julparkrun25:26111Hampstead Heath parkrun # 325Hampstead Heath58.91%
01 Jul5MMT41:507916Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford57.63%
03 Jun5MMT42:3310920Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford56.66%
15 Aprparkrun24:5280Hampstead Heath parkrun # 312Hampstead Heath60.25%
08 Aprparkrun24:3286Hampstead Heath parkrun # 311Hampstead Heath61.07%
11 Marparkrun24:2076Hampstead Heath parkrun # 307Hampstead Heath61.58%
11 Feb8KXC44:4734230Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace54.34%
11 Febparkrun25:2370Hampstead Heath parkrun # 303Hampstead Heath59.03%
28 Jan15KXC82:171015South of England AA ChampionshipsParliament Hill56.65%
15 Jan15MMT2:22:1528343Benfleet 15Benfleet
07 Jan12KXC60:03149Middlesex County ChampionshipsHillingdon61.53%

27 Dec10MMT86:56759Ilford 10Chigwell Row57.63%
03 Dec8KXC38:5839236Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs62.45%
26 Nov7.8KXC37:4516729Fraternity / Sorority CupTrent Park
19 NovZXC48:17378152London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
29 OctZXC37:1814722Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury
22 Octparkrun23:2250Hampstead Heath parkrun # 286Hampstead Heath64.12%
15 Oct8KXC39:2540538Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury Park61.73%
09 Oct10KMT48:4247:2315016Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood64.47%
24 Sepparkrun24:1245Hampstead Heath parkrun # 282Hampstead Heath61.91%
02 Jul5MMT43:3910222Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford54.78%
04 Jun5MMT39:117913Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford61.03%
13 Feb8KXC43:3331734Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace55.42%
30 Jan15KXC79:06879South of England ChampionshipsParliament Hill58.43%
17 Jan15MMT2:22:5132436Benfleet 15Benfleet
16 Jan8KXC44:4431123Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill53.95%
01 Jan10K44:1043:481197Start Fitness Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park69.18%

05 Dec8KXC36:0937535Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs66.76%
14 NovHMMT1:49:281:49:0515719Dirt Half MarathonLeighton Buzzard60.24%
11 Oct10KMT46:4645:5411020Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood66.01%
01 Aug5MMT38:346711Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford61.51%
26 Jul10K45:1545:011074Royal Parks Summer 10K SeriesLondon Regents Park66.75%
06 Jun5MMT38:3911711Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford61.38%
25 Aprparkrun23:1447Hampstead Heath parkrun # 210Hampstead Heath63.49%
21 Feb12KXC64:541710ECCA Saucony English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill55.98%
07 FebZXC37:2232934ATW Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs
18 Jan15MMT2:21:4627730Benfleet 15Benfleet
10 JanZXC46:1633532ATW Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill
03 JanZXC58:07139Middlesex County ChampionshipsAlexandra Palace
01 Jan10K44:4844:3111612Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park67.50%

20 DecZXC40:5633832ATW Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge
15 NovHMMT1:52:451:52:1222424Dirt Half MarathonLeighton Buzzard58.07%
08 NovZXC38:4039434ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
12 Oct10KNAD48:3147:4413620Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood62.95%
11 OctZXC38:5136932ATW Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
30 Augparkrun23:0954Hampstead Heath parkrun # 175Hampstead Heath63.21%
16 Augparkrun23:3045Hampstead Heath parkrun # 173Hampstead Heath62.27%
26 Julparkrun23:29411Hampstead Heath parkrun # 170Hampstead Heath62.31%
28 Junparkrun23:5754Hampstead Heath parkrun # 166Hampstead Heath61.10%
22 Jun30KMT3:30:373:30:27390110North Downs Run 30KGravesend44.77%
07 Jun5MMT41:106821Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford57.17%
11 May10MMT94:0328Saffron Crocus 10Saffron Walden51.91%
08 Feb4.7MXC38:2432235ATW Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs
11 Jan5.5MXC51:4034734ATW Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill

21 Dec5MXC42:1035940ATW Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace55.81%
07 DecZXC39:2272Fraternity/ Sorority CupTrent Park
30 Novparkrun23:5852Hampstead Heath parkrun # 134Hampstead Heath61.06%
16 NovHMMT1:55:091:54:5320261Dirt Half Marathon ChallengeLeighton Buzzard56.22%
09 NovZXC40:1636934ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
03 Nov10K49:5249:341698Regent's Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regent's Park60.09%
13 Oct10KMT51:5251:2722982Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood57.89%
18 Aug10K49:5216010Summer League 10KBattersea Park59.26%
21 JunZFL34:197721Jon Clarke Memorial (3M/800ft)Chingford
01 Jun5MMT40:4613935Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford57.28%
19 May10KNAD49:2248:55277103Hornsey YMCA Crouch End 10KCrouch End60.41%
09 MarZXC40:547621Middlesex Masters XC ChampionshipsRuislip
09 FebZXC45:2726229ATW Metropolitan LeagueNorthwood
12 JanZXC47:1832042ATW Metropolitan LeaguePerivale
05 JanZXC63:58140Middlesex County ChampionshipsWormwood Scrubs
01 Jan10K46:4146:1515720Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park63.89%

15 DecZXC42:3835442ATW Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
08 DecZXC49:116036SEAA Inter Counties & Masters' ChampionshipsWoodford
17 NovHMMT1:59:51257Dirt Half Marathon ChallengeLeighton Buzzard53.43%
10 NovZXC39:4331835ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
21 Oct10M80:4968798Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham59.91%
20 OctZXC40:4230934ATW Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
14 Oct10KMT50:4749:4718165Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood59.36%
09 SepHMMT2:11:42399Dunstable Downs Half Marathon ChallengeDunstable48.22%
07 Jul5MMT40:095916Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford57.71%
02 Jun5MMT39:214412Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford58.88%
22 AprMar4:21:174:15:14147001641Virgin London MarathonLondon52.39%
24 Mar15MMT2:17:2622171Orion 15Chingford
25 FebZXC60:521528English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill
11 FebZXC43:3124237London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill
14 JanZXC36:5429744London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park
07 JanZXC58:39141Middlesex County ChampionshipsWormwood Scrubs
01 Jan10K46:1945:5413821Brooks Serpentine New Years Day 10KLondon Hyde Park63.83%

17 DecZXC41:1632340London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueRuislip
19 NovZXC51:4623389London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
29 OctZXC36:0011654North London ChampionshipsKingsbury
16 Oct10M77:2761368Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham61.98%
09 Oct10KMT49:4648:3016829Petts Wood 10KPetts Wood60.41%
08 OctZXC39:1432139London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
25 SepHM1:53:481:52:3929179Tonbridge Half MarathonTonbridge56.37%
14 Aug5MNAD36:35753Metropolitan Summer LeagueBattersea Park62.84%
24 Jul10K47:02995Metropolitan Summer LeagueRegents Park61.80%
26 Jun13MMT1:47:098816Mersea Island Lions Round the Island RaceMersea
11 Jun12.1ML98:3955Welsh Castles RelayCaernarfon
19 Mar15MXC2:17:5321566Orion 15Chingford
05 MarZXC38:056324Middlesex Masters' County ChampionshipsRuislip
12 FebZXC43:5124321Metropolitan LeaguePerivale
29 JanZXC78:01766Southern Cross Country ChampionshipsParliament Hill
15 JanZXC39:4029931Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
08 JanZXC62:59129Middlesex County ChampionshipsTrent Park
01 Jan10K43:5812421Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park66.11%

20 NovZXC48:3120679London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
13 NovZXC39:4633547Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park
30 OctZXC37:25119North London ChampionshipsTrent Park
17 Oct10M76:32566Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham62.22%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 64.28%

This equates to a race time of 26:05

The race this is based on is: Hampstead Heath parkrun # 447 2019-12-21