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Race Results

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Individual Results

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Ellen Smyth

Power of 10 id: 964189

Results are mostly downloaded automatically from the Power of 10. Members can also enter additional results for events not on the Power of 10. Login to edit your Power of 10 id, to enter results or to edit this page.

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Results by Year


05 Octparkrun30:51300Hampstead Heath parkrun # 436Hampstead Heath47.87%
29 SepHM2:11:532:09:142584Ealing Half MarathonEaling50.45%
28 Sepparkrun32:15295Hampstead Heath parkrun # 435Hampstead Heath45.79%
21 Sepparkrun30:55325Hampstead Heath parkrun # 434Hampstead Heath47.76%
14 Sepparkrun30:56228Ally Pally parkrun # 391Ally Pally47.74%
24 Augparkrun32:59280Hampstead Heath parkrun # 431Hampstead Heath44.77%
21 Jul10K55:34259London Summer LeagueLondon Regents Park54.59%
20 Julparkrun28:28171Hampstead Heath parkrun # 426Hampstead Heath51.87%
13 Julparkrun30:31294Hampstead Heath parkrun # 425Hampstead Heath48.39%
22 Junparkrun29:24275Hampstead Heath parkrun # 422Hampstead Heath50.23%
15 Junparkrun29:39278Hampstead Heath parkrun # 421Hampstead Heath49.80%
18 Mayparkrun27:18230Finsbury Park parkrun # 469Finsbury Park54.09%
28 AprMar4:33:5523693Virgin London MarathonLondon49.44%
26 Janparkrun26:58571Margate parkrun # 305Margate54.76%
12 Janparkrun28:05276Hampstead Heath parkrun # 400Hampstead Heath52.58%
05 Janparkrun30:58311Hampstead Heath parkrun # 399Hampstead Heath47.69%

25 Decparkrun29:06212Finsbury Park parkrun # 448Finsbury Park50.74%
17 Novparkrun29:17221Hampstead Heath parkrun # 392Hampstead Heath50.43%
13 Octparkrun28:24205Hampstead Heath parkrun # 387Hampstead Heath52.00%
30 SepHM2:06:332:01:052513Ealing Half MarathonEaling53.85%
01 Sepparkrun28:29264Leamington parkrun # 387Leamington51.84%
04 Augparkrun27:15182Finsbury Park parkrun # 428Finsbury Park54.19%
28 Julparkrun29:11217Hampstead Heath parkrun # 377Hampstead Heath50.60%
21 Julparkrun32:14358Hampstead Heath parkrun # 376Hampstead Heath45.81%
27 MayHM2:22:342:08:126286Edinburgh Marathon Festival Half MarathonEdinburgh50.86%
21 Aprparkrun28:29118Gladstone parkrun # 309Gladstone51.84%
24 Febparkrun33:30280Hampstead Heath parkrun # 356Hampstead Heath44.08%
03 Febparkrun30:50276Hampstead Heath parkrun # 353Hampstead Heath47.89%
13 Janparkrun30:36299Hampstead Heath parkrun # 350Hampstead Heath48.26%

04 Novparkrun31:44294Hampstead Heath parkrun # 340Hampstead Heath46.53%
24 SepHM2:09:072:07:332523Ealing Half MarathonEaling51.12%
24 Junparkrun31:35161Gladstone parkrun # 266Gladstone46.75%
11 Marparkrun30:01217Hampstead Heath parkrun # 307Hampstead Heath49.19%

19 Julparkrun30:13511Gladstone parkrun # 110Gladstone48.87%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 54.34%

This equates to a race time of 29:43

The race this is based on is: London Summer League 2019-07-21