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Race Results

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Individual Results

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Peter Faulkner

Power of 10 id: 534398

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Results by Year


29 Febparkrun23:1982Ashton Court parkrun # 446Ashton Court56.90%
22 Febparkrun23:5677Ashton Court parkrun # 445Ashton Court55.43%
18 Janparkrun24:01110Ashton Court parkrun # 441Ashton Court55.24%

16 Novparkrun24:03120Ashton Court parkrun # 432Ashton Court55.16%
19 Octparkrun23:1368Ashton Court parkrun # 428Ashton Court57.14%
15 SepHM1:49:151:46:411282200Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half MarathonBristol55.01%
25 Mayparkrun23:06100Ashton Court parkrun # 408Ashton Court57.14%
02 Mar9.3KXC43:30230Start Fitness Gwent LeagueBristol
12 Janparkrun23:1992Ashton Court parkrun # 390Ashton Court56.61%
05 Janparkrun23:55120Ashton Court parkrun # 389Ashton Court55.19%

03 Novparkrun22:3058Ashton Court parkrun # 379Ashton Court58.67%
20 Octparkrun22:2554Ashton Court parkrun # 377Ashton Court58.88%
13 Octparkrun23:2752Ashton Court parkrun # 376Ashton Court56.29%
06 Octparkrun22:5141Ashton Court parkrun # 375Ashton Court57.77%
28 Aprparkrun22:4765Ashton Court parkrun # 353Ashton Court57.64%
17 Febparkrun21:2950Finsbury Park parkrun # 411Finsbury Park61.13%
27 Janparkrun21:1350Finsbury Park parkrun # 408Finsbury Park61.90%
13 Janparkrun21:3347Finsbury Park parkrun # 406Finsbury Park60.94%
06 Janparkrun22:0674Finsbury Park parkrun # 405Finsbury Park59.43%

25 Nov7.8KXC36:0484Fraternity / Sorority CupTrent Park
29 OctMar4:08:404:06:557528SSE Airtricity Dublin MarathonDublin, IRL49.85%
17 SepHM1:41:4399:461064Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half MarathonBristol58.59%
22 Julparkrun21:3146Finsbury Park parkrun # 382Finsbury Park60.81%
15 Julparkrun21:5546Finsbury Park parkrun # 381Finsbury Park59.70%
08 Julparkrun22:4146Hampstead Heath parkrun # 324Hampstead Heath57.68%
12 MarHM1:43:001:40:131775Bath Half MarathonBath58.27%
05 Mar10K44:5744:3791Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park59.99%
05 Feb10K45:3045:14100Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park59.17%
14 Janparkrun21:3344Finsbury Park parkrun # 359Finsbury Park60.71%
07 Janparkrun21:3766Finsbury Park parkrun # 358Finsbury Park60.52%

10 Decparkrun21:3238Finsbury Park parkrun # 353Finsbury Park60.76%
03 Decparkrun21:4644Finsbury Park parkrun # 352Finsbury Park60.11%
05 Novparkrun22:2378Finsbury Park parkrun # 348Finsbury Park58.45%
29 Octparkrun22:3772Finsbury Park parkrun # 347Finsbury Park57.85%
22 Octparkrun23:1081Finsbury Park parkrun # 346Finsbury Park56.47%
15 Octparkrun23:0882Finsbury Park parkrun # 345Finsbury Park56.56%
25 SepHM1:51:251:48:45967Windsor Half MarathonWindsor53.70%
27 Augparkrun23:2554Finsbury Park parkrun # 339Finsbury Park55.87%
06 Augparkrun23:0265Finsbury Park parkrun # 336Finsbury Park56.66%
18 Junparkrun22:0846Finsbury Park parkrun # 332Finsbury Park58.96%
11 Junparkrun22:1857Finsbury Park parkrun # 331Finsbury Park58.52%
14 Mayparkrun22:5361Finsbury Park parkrun # 327Finsbury Park57.03%
30 Aprparkrun23:1666Finsbury Park parkrun # 325Finsbury Park56.09%
23 Aprparkrun00:23:23Finsbury Park parkrun # 324Finsbury Park55.81%
13 MarMar04:18:3603:57:58ZURICH MARATÓ DE BARCELONA 2016Barcelona, Spain51.67%
07 FebHM1:45:121:44:51676Watford Half MarathonWatford55.68%
10 Jan10K46:4446:2990Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park57.51%

31 MayMar4:24:574:14:223698Edinburgh Marathon Festival MarathonEdinburgh48.34%
04 MayMar4:13:124:09:201029Deep RiverRock Belfast City MarathonBelfast49.31%
19 AprHM1:44:031:42:21549Plymouth Half MarathonPlymouth57.04%

05 Oct10K46:1245:1973Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park58.96%
28 SepHM1:44:041:42:56855Ealing Half MarathonEaling56.72%

16 FebZXC1:43:54539Southern ChampionshipsParliament Hill
12 JanZXC43:25279ATW Metropolitan LeaguePerivale

15 DecZXC38:01281ATW Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
17 NovZXC45:13182London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
10 NovZXC35:50266ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
20 OctZXC37:42281ATW Metropolitan LeagueClaybury


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 56.93%

This equates to a race time of 25:37

The race this is based on is: Ashton Court parkrun # 377 2018-10-20