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Race Results

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Avril Riddell

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Results by Year


04 Dec8KXC46:451572Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge72.05%
27 Nov7.8KXC48:23927Fraternity / Sorority Cup (incl Chingford League)Trent Park
21 Nov10K53:3453:281583BMAF 10K ChampionshipsGravesend80.30%
20 Novparkrun29:44179Hampstead Heath parkrun # 475Hampstead Heath68.16%
13 Nov7.8KXC44:201902Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWelwyn Garden City
17 Oct10M93:2191:428385Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham76.79%
09 Octparkrun29:362161Hampstead Heath parkrun # 469Hampstead Heath68.47%
19 Sep10KMT61:491191Shardeloes 10KAmersham69.45%
11 Sep15006:57.044Southern Athletics League - North West LondonParliament Hill83.26%
05 SepHM2:13:302:12:399294Lambert and Foster Paddock Wood Half MarathonPaddock Wood70.13%
28 Augparkrun25:58521Aviemore parkrun # 148Aviemore78.05%
15 AugHM2:00:092514Burnham Beeches Half MarathonFarnham Royal77.43%
02 Aug5K24:341911Sri Chinmoy 5KBattersea Park82.50%
24 Julparkrun29:041241Hampstead Heath parkrun # 460Hampstead Heath69.72%
22 Jul5K25:01421Serpentine RC 5K Club ChampionshipBattersea Park81.01%
07 Jul300014:45.33Southern Counties Veterans League - Mid London DivisionPerivale83.45%
05 JulMile7:41.79Serpentine Running Club 1-mile ChampionshipBattersea Park81.29%
21 Jun40098.23Southern Counties Veterans League - Mid London DivisionBattersea Park
21 Jun15007:23.25Southern Counties Veterans League - Mid London DivisionBattersea Park78.35%
19 Jun5KNAD25:43351Serpentine 5KHyde Park78.81%
18 May5K25:53602Vets AC 5KBattersea Park78.30%
15 May5KNAD25:30381Serpentine 5KHyde Park79.48%

14 Marparkrun28:301481Hampstead Heath parkrun # 459Hampstead Heath69.24%
07 Marparkrun27:14153Centennial parkrun # 71Centennial, AUS72.46%
22 Febparkrun29:5521Hobart parkrun # 281Hobart, AUS65.96%
08 Febparkrun27:35302Hackney Marshes parkrun # 503Hackney Marshes71.54%

28 Decparkrun27:391341Finsbury Park parkrun # 498Finsbury Park71.37%
25 Decparkrun27:54228Finsbury Park parkrun # 497Finsbury Park70.73%
02 Nov5MXC43:314929North London ChampionshipsWormwood Scrubs77.05%
26 Octparkrun27:221121Hampstead Heath parkrun # 439Hampstead Heath72.11%
20 Oct5MXC43:473554Sunday LeagueCheshunt76.58%
21 Sepparkrun28:282381Hampstead Heath parkrun # 434Hampstead Heath69.32%
08 Sep4KXC19:178European Masters Athletics Championships - Cross CountryCaorle, ITA
07 Sep15006:50.946EMA - European Masters ChampionshipsEraclea, ITA81.89%
30 Aug5K24:021842Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park82.11%
24 Augparkrun25:251221Hampstead Heath parkrun # 431Hampstead Heath77.64%
18 AugHM2:05:052:04:443662Kimbolton Castle Half MarathonKimbolton72.42%
11 Aug10K49:371822London Summer LeagueLondon Battersea Park84.04%
10 Aug15006:33.011BMAF - British Masters ChampionshipsBirmingham85.63%
25 Jul5K24:05561Serpentine RC 5K ChampionshipsBattersea Park81.94%
21 Jul10K51:382141London Summer LeagueLondon Regents Park80.76%
16 Jul300013:31.914Serpentine RC Club Championship 3000mPaddington88.16%
06 Jul15006:27.833England Masters Inter Area ChallengeCoventry86.77%
24 Jun15006:38.82Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea84.38%
21 JunMile7:00.619Golden Stag Mile OpenFinsbury Park86.47%
15 Junparkrun25:141391Hampstead Heath parkrun # 421Hampstead Heath78.20%
10 Jun300013:35.91Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionHillingdon87.73%
31 May5K23:382071Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park83.50%
26 May1M7:006:57382Vitality Westminster MileLondon
18 Mayparkrun24:252251Tooting Common parkrun # 169Tooting Common80.82%
13 May15006:58.73Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea80.37%
13 May10020.03Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea
04 Mayparkrun24:371471Brockwell parkrun # 419Brockwell79.15%
07 Apr10K48:1848:091231Regent's Park Summer 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park85.36%
30 Mar15006:18.1913WMA - World Masters ChampionshipsTorun, POL87.63%
25 Mar8KXC41:1911World Masters Championships - Cross CountryTorun, POL78.14%
24 Mar300013:11.586WMA - World Masters ChampionshipsTorun, POL89.04%
16 Marparkrun25:21128Hampstead Heath parkrun # 408Hampstead Heath76.86%
10 Mar300013:13.771BMAF - British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley88.80%
09 Mar15006:19.872BMAF - British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley87.24%
24 Feb300013:25.806English Masters Area ChallengeLee Valley87.47%
24 Feb15006:23.997English Masters Area ChallengeLee Valley86.30%
10 Feb300013:36.476Southern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsLee Valley86.33%
10 Feb15006:43.3714Southern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsLee Valley82.16%
10 Feb8003:19.164Southern Counties Veterans AC ChampionshipsLee Valley
26 Jan8KXC40:30438South of England AA ChampionshipsParliament Hill79.71%
20 Jan15MMT2:19:592:18:523603Benfleet 15Benfleet
05 Jan8KXC39:5066Middlesex County ChampionshipsGreenford81.05%

29 Decparkrun26:571131Hampstead Heath parkrun # 398Hampstead Heath72.29%
28 Dec5K23:241551Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park83.26%
25 Decparkrun27:4225Amager Faelled parkrun # 513Amager Faelled, DEN70.34%
08 Decparkrun25:271991Finsbury Park parkrun # 445Finsbury Park76.56%
01 Dec6.2KXC34:451395Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueUxbridge
17 Nov5.7KXC30:32193London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
10 Novparkrun25:221251Hampstead Heath parkrun # 391Hampstead Heath76.81%
03 Nov6KXC30:434821North London ChampionshipsHackney Marshes77.21%
27 Oct5KXC22:38482Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury86.08%
13 Octparkrun29:13241Hampstead Heath parkrun # 387Hampstead Heath66.69%
07 OctMar3:43:519181Bank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL, USA83.37%
30 Sep300013:37.2112Southern Counties Veterans' League FinalAshford86.25%
30 Sep15006:43.069Southern Counties Veterans' League FinalAshford82.22%
08 Sepparkrun24:301001Hampstead Heath parkrun # 383Hampstead Heath79.52%
02 SepHM1:45:021:44:185121Maidenhead Half MarathonMaidenhead85.36%
01 Sepparkrun26:021661Finsbury Park parkrun # 432Finsbury Park74.84%
31 Aug5K23:211341Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park83.44%
25 Augparkrun25:4089Hampstead Heath parkrun # 381Hampstead Heath75.91%
12 AugHM1:44:191632Burnham Beeches Half MarathonFarnham Common85.35%
01 Aug300013:16.82Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale88.46%
30 Jul1MLTBC182Self Transcendence Relay (3 x Mile)Battersea Park
26 Jul5K22:46642Serpentine RC 5K ChampionshipsBattersea Park85.58%
21 Julparkrun24:561391Hampstead Heath parkrun # 376Hampstead Heath78.14%
20 JulMile7:01.6311Golden Stag MileFinsbury Park84.94%
10 Jul300013:21.86Serpentine Club Championship 3000mPaddington87.91%
03 JulMile7:01.64Serpentine Club Championship MilePaddington84.95%
24 Jun15006:21.647South of England Masters ChampionshipsBattersea86.83%
18 Jun15006:26.72Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea85.70%
16 Junparkrun25:151301Finsbury Park parkrun # 424Finsbury Park77.16%
04 Jun300013:24.62Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale87.60%
27 May1M6:471394Vitality Westminster MileLondon
19 May8003:11.531Southern Athletics League Division 3NLee Valley
19 May15006:36.911Southern Athletics League Division 3NLee Valley83.49%
14 May15007:00.81Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea78.75%
09 May8003:25.974Rosenheim League Division EastBattersea
14 Aprparkrun25:37951Hampstead Heath parkrun # 362Hampstead Heath75.15%
25 Mar7KXC29:3829:35529Hertfordshire / Middlesex County Veterans ChampionshipsRoyston
23 Mar5K23:311851Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park81.86%
10 Mar15006:23.973British Masters ChampionshipsLee Valley85.01%
04 MarHM1:49:4232377The Big Half Marathon (Inc British Championship)London Tower Bridge80.02%
24 Feb8KXC44:09725ECCA Saucony English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill72.14%
10 Feb6KXC33:271452Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park70.00%
27 Janparkrun24:371651Finsbury Park parkrun # 408Finsbury Park78.20%
20 Janparkrun25:151121Hampstead Heath parkrun # 351Hampstead Heath76.24%
06 Jan8KXC42:2761Middlesex County ChampionshipsPerivale75.03%

23 Decparkrun24:48701Hampstead Heath parkrun # 347Hampstead Heath77.62%
11 Novparkrun23:40901Finsbury Park parkrun # 397Finsbury Park81.34%
04 Nov6KXC27:273519North London ChampionshipsHorsenden Hill85.31%
28 Oct3MXC22:46414Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury
14 Oct6KXC30:431254Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury Park76.23%
30 Sepparkrun25:241201Finsbury Park parkrun # 391Finsbury Park75.79%
13 AugHM1:44:481222Burnham Beeches Half MarathonFarnham Common83.76%
07 Aug5K21:441481Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park88.57%
05 Augparkrun24:421091Finsbury Park parkrun # 384Finsbury Park77.94%
31 Jul5K22:181231Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park86.32%
29 Julparkrun23:56751Hampstead Heath parkrun # 327Hampstead Heath80.43%
28 Jul5K26:151462Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park73.33%
22 Julparkrun24:56821Hampstead Heath parkrun # 326Hampstead Heath77.21%
17 Jul5K22:141241Self Transcendence 5KBattersea Park86.58%
12 Jul8003:13.21Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale
12 Jul300013:26.21Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale86.12%
08 Julparkrun24:10671Hampstead Heath parkrun # 324Hampstead Heath79.66%
02 Jul10KNAD47:1447:041181Regent's Park Summer 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park86.12%
30 Jun5K22:461412Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5KLondon Hyde Park84.55%
24 Junparkrun24:26691Hampstead Heath parkrun # 322Hampstead Heath78.79%
22 JunMile6:41.13Golden Stag MileFinsbury Park87.95%
19 Jun15006:23.91Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea85.02%
19 Jun40089.21Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea
10 Junparkrun24:12821Hampstead Heath parkrun # 320Hampstead Heath79.55%
05 Jun300013:48.82Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge83.77%
05 Jun8003:16.31Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge
28 May1M6:406:37282Vitality Westminster MileLondon
20 Mayparkrun24:571021Hampstead Heath parkrun # 317Hampstead Heath77.15%
08 May15006:31.51Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea83.37%
08 May10020.53Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea
29 Aprparkrun26:501081Hampstead Heath parkrun # 314Hampstead Heath70.81%
23 AprMar3:48:181012710Virgin London MarathonLondon79.34%
25 Marparkrun23:54911Hampstead Heath parkrun # 309Hampstead Heath79.50%
11 Marparkrun24:17741Hampstead Heath parkrun # 307Hampstead Heath78.24%
05 MarHM1:45:131:44:532842Berkhamsted Half MarathonBerkhamsted82.52%
24 Feb5K23:001832Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park82.61%
19 Feb6KXC27:5827:53152Middlesex County Veterans' ChampionshipsEaling82.90%
11 Feb6KXC27:20921Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace84.57%
05 FebHM1:43:561:43:365943Watford Half Marathon (Inc Herts Championships)Watford83.54%
28 Jan8KXC39:57291South of England AA ChampionshipsParliament Hill78.64%
14 Jan6KXC30:061021Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park76.80%
08 Jan10K56:1156:022122Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park71.33%
07 Jan8KXC37:2841Middlesex County ChampionshipsHillingdon83.85%
01 Jan10K45:5545:491512Start Fitness Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park87.23%

30 Dec5K22:561252Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park82.85%
25 Decparkrun28:3178Hampstead Heath parkrun # 296Hampstead Heath66.63%
17 Decparkrun26:431081Finsbury Park parkrun # 354Finsbury Park71.12%
11 DecHM1:41:471:41:203562Milton Keynes Winter Half MarathonMilton Keynes85.41%
03 Decparkrun24:18681Hampstead Heath parkrun # 292Hampstead Heath78.19%
26 Nov7.8KXC37:2628Fraternity / Sorority CupTrent Park
19 NovZXC28:2213633London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
12 Nov6KXC28:351061Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueStevenage80.87%
06 Nov10K47:0246:531311Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park85.25%
29 OctZXC21:46311Liddiard Trophy (Inc North of Thames Championships)Kingsbury
28 Oct5K22:471493Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.39%
22 Octparkrun24:31741Hampstead Heath parkrun # 286Hampstead Heath77.50%
15 Oct6KXC29:281021Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury Park78.45%
08 Octparkrun24:271231Finsbury Park parkrun # 344Finsbury Park77.71%
25 SepMar4:14:544:10:34BMW Berlin MarathonBerlin, GER72.29%
26 Aug5K22:391102Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.89%
13 Jul300012:49.41Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale88.90%
02 Jul10K55:4655:351433QEOP Summer 10K SeriesLondon Olympic Park71.90%
20 Jun15006:16.71Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea85.37%
06 Jun300012:49.61Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge88.87%
29 May1M6:386:36201Vitality Westminster MileLondon
28 Mayparkrun27:511431Finsbury Park parkrun # 329Finsbury Park68.22%
27 May5K22:411733Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.76%
21 Mayparkrun23:41981Finsbury Park parkrun # 328Finsbury Park80.23%
15 May20MMT3:12:49241Marlborough Downs 20Marlborough
09 Aprparkrun24:43501Hampstead Heath parkrun # 259Hampstead Heath75.93%
02 AprOther2:28:23Orion 15Epping Forest
26 Marparkrun25:29671Finsbury Park parkrun # 320Finsbury Park73.64%
28 FebHM1:44:091:44:03941Baldock Beast Half MarathonBaldock82.04%
26 Feb5K22:291682Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.47%
13 Feb6KXC28:34871Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace79.87%
06 Feb10K47:4647:411442QEOP Winter 10K SeriesLondon Olympic Park82.66%
30 Jan8KXC42:58297South of England ChampionshipsParliament Hill72.15%
16 Jan6KXC29:51911Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill76.44%
01 Jan10K44:5744:491332Start Fitness Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park87.95%

26 Decparkrun23:38191Hampstead Heath parkrun # 243Hampstead Heath79.41%
18 Dec5K22:121241Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park84.53%
13 DecHM1:42:391:42:213001Milton Keynes Winter Half MarathonMilton Keynes83.41%
05 Dec6KXC31:401071Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueWormwood Scrubs72.05%
28 Nov7.8KXC40:29285Fraternity / Sorority CupTrent Park
27 Nov5K22:221522Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.90%
15 NovHM1:44:391:44:264333St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt Neots81.74%
07 Novparkrun23:18411Portobello parkrun # 29Portobello80.54%
01 Nov10K46:4146:37911Mornington Chasers' Regents Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park84.55%
30 Oct5K23:201663Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park80.43%
18 OctMar3:39:463:39:043722Abingdon MarathonAbingdon81.49%
10 Oct6KXC28:171081Start Fitness Metropolitan LeagueClaybury80.67%
22 Augparkrun36:041981Hampstead Heath parkrun # 226Hampstead Heath52.03%
15 Augparkrun24:33691Hampstead Heath parkrun # 225Hampstead Heath76.44%
08 Augparkrun25:15621Hampstead Heath parkrun # 224Hampstead Heath74.32%
18 Julparkrun24:55841Hampstead Heath parkrun # 221Hampstead Heath75.32%
13 Jul300012:35.01Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale89.26%
04 Jul15006:09.32Sweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3NEParliament Hill85.82%
27 Junparkrun26:441191Hampstead Heath parkrun # 218Hampstead Heath70.20%
26 Jun5K22:151052Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park84.34%
22 Jun15006:12.12Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea85.17%
08 Jun8003:09.13Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge
08 Jun300013:03.91Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge85.97%
31 May300013:09.614Sweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3NEHemel Hempstead85.35%
31 May8003:06.195Sweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3NEHemel Hempstead
29 May5K22:471351Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park82.37%
24 May1M6:346:3345Bupa Westminster MileLondon
16 Mayparkrun32:20195Hampstead Heath parkrun # 212Hampstead Heath58.04%
18 Aprparkrun24:10691Hampstead Heath parkrun # 209Hampstead Heath76.69%
04 Aprparkrun23:49351Hampstead Heath parkrun # 207Hampstead Heath77.82%
29 MarHMMT1:44:291:43:553181Hampton Court Palace Half MarathonEast Molesey81.03%
21 Feb8KXC43:27449ECCA Saucony English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill70.43%
08 FebHM1:41:4199:535895Wokingham Half MarathonWokingham84.30%
30 Jan5K22:421512Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park81.64%
25 Jan10K46:1746:051272Victoria Park 10KLondon Victoria Park84.38%
17 Janparkrun24:29741Hampstead Heath parkrun # 196Hampstead Heath75.70%
10 JanZXC31:201131ATW Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill
01 Jan10K46:0245:531262Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park84.74%

27 Decparkrun23:45181Finsbury Park parkrun # 258Finsbury Park78.04%
25 Decparkrun23:52411Hampstead Heath parkrun # 192Hampstead Heath77.65%
28 Nov5K23:111522Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park79.94%
22 NovZXC25:4350North London ChampionshipsAlexandra Palace
16 NovHM1:41:571:41:462912St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt Neots82.74%
08 NovZXC28:261161ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
11 OctZXC28:18981ATW Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
27 Sepparkrun24:09601Hampstead Heath parkrun # 179Hampstead Heath76.74%
26 Sep5K22:381133Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park81.89%
07 Sep300013:06.392Southern Counties Veterans AC FinalAshford84.46%
14 Jul8003:19.01Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale
14 Jul300013:29.01Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionPerivale82.10%
07 Jul1ML6:40113Self Transcendence RelayBattersea Park
02 Jul300013:03.32Essex Vets LeagueLee Valley84.80%
27 Jun5K22:321202Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park82.25%
23 Jun15006:31.31Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea Park79.83%
09 Jun8003:12.51Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge
09 Jun300013:18.71Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionUxbridge83.16%
08 JunHM1:48:551:48:434872St Albans Half MarathonSt Albans77.45%
31 Mayparkrun35:051541Hampstead Heath parkrun # 162Hampstead Heath52.83%
23 May5K22:501372Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park81.17%
10 Mayparkrun24:05661Hampstead Heath parkrun # 159Hampstead Heath76.96%
13 AprMar3:49:313:46:4725791Vienna City MarathonVienna, AUT76.50%
09 Mar20M2:47:142571Finchley 20Ruislip
15 Febparkrun24:15481Hampstead Heath parkrun # 147Hampstead Heath75.53%
02 Feb10K47:2946:461591Regent's Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regent's Park82.04%
18 Janparkrun25:24761Hampstead Heath parkrun # 143Hampstead Heath72.11%
11 JanZXC29:09793ATW Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill
04 Janparkrun24:36421Hampstead Heath parkrun # 141Hampstead Heath74.46%
01 Jan10K46:4546:311743Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park82.48%

27 Dec5K22:4777Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park80.40%
07 Decparkrun25:0964Hampstead Heath parkrun # 135Hampstead Heath72.83%
29 Nov5K22:021402Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park83.13%
23 NovZXC26:413819North London ChampionshipsRuislip
17 NovHM97:3397:172623St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt Neots85.40%
02 Novparkrun23:4956Hampstead Heath parkrun # 130Hampstead Heath76.91%
26 Octparkrun23:11381Hampstead Heath parkrun # 129Hampstead Heath79.01%
19 OctZXC28:31711ATW Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
13 Oct20MMT3:17:41412Jog Shop Jog 20Brighton
05 Octparkrun22:43351Hampstead Heath parkrun # 126Hampstead Heath80.63%
27 Sep5K21:451082Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park84.21%
14 Sepparkrun23:23431Hampstead Heath parkrun # 123Hampstead Heath78.33%
31 Augparkrun22:58411Hampstead Heath parkrun # 121Hampstead Heath79.75%
18 Aug10K45:201052Summer League 10KBattersea Park84.63%
08 Jul1ML6:2626Self Transcendence Relay (3xMile)Battersea Park
06 Jul5MMT38:14641Orion Harriers Forest 5Chingford80.05%
08 Junparkrun23:04451Hampstead Heath parkrun # 109Hampstead Heath79.41%
18 Mayparkrun23:02521Finsbury parkrun # 178Finsbury Park79.52%
13 May15006:33.71Southern Counties Veterans' League Mid London DivisionBattersea Park78.22%
12 May10MMT87:3425Saffron Crocus 10Saffron Walden71.81%
04 Mayparkrun23:20281Hampstead Heath parkrun # 104Hampstead Heath77.57%
26 Apr5K22:001122Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park82.27%
14 Apr10MMT77:5977:511493Fullers Thames Towpath 10Chiswick79.70%
13 Aprparkrun34:34118Hampstead Heath parkrun # 101Hampstead Heath52.36%
10 Apr300013:35.615Highgate Harriers/City of London Open MeetingParliament Hill79.16%
23 Marparkrun23:54181Hampstead Heath parkrun # 98Hampstead Heath75.73%
09 Marparkrun23:16331Hampstead Heath parkrun # 96Hampstead Heath77.79%
03 MarHM99:0498:442061Berkhamsted Half MarathonBerkhamsted83.04%
23 Febparkrun23:15271Hampstead Heath parkrun # 94Hampstead Heath77.85%
22 Feb5K22:441313Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park79.62%
16 FebZXC39:43123Southern ChampionshipsParliament Hill
09 FebZXC33:55895ATW Metropolitan LeagueNorthwood
03 FebHM1:40:221:40:164981Watford Half MarathonWatford81.77%
19 Janparkrun24:17251Hampstead Heath parkrun # 90Hampstead Heath74.54%
05 JanZXC42:4555Middlesex County ChampionshipsWormwood Scrubs
01 Jan10K45:3145:251303Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park83.38%

22 Decparkrun24:1219Hampstead Heath parkrun # 84Hampstead Heath74.79%
15 DecZXC29:07934ATW Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
08 DecZXC31:51396SEAA Inter Counties & Masters' ChampionshipsWoodford
30 Nov5K22:241372Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KLondon Hyde Park80.80%
24 Novparkrun23:4049Hampstead Heath parkrun # 80Hampstead Heath76.48%
17 Novparkrun24:00321Hampstead Heath parkrun # 79Hampstead Heath75.42%
10 NovZXC29:411044ATW Metropolitan LeagueStevenage
13 Octparkrun23:56311Highbury Fields parkrun # 49Highbury Fields75.63%
22 Sepparkrun24:17311Highbury Fields parkrun # 46Highbury Fields74.54%
25 FebZXC38:15349English National ChampionshipsParliament Hill
18 Febparkrun23:4626Hampstead Heath parkrun # 40Hampstead Heath75.25%
11 FebZXC27:38651London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueHorsenden Hill
01 Jan10K49:3148:552003Brooks Serpentine New Years Day 10KLondon Hyde Park76.42%

20 NovHM1:48:361:47:514665St. Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt. Neots75.03%
16 Oct10MMT75:4175:36741Ware 10Broughton81.02%
09 Oct20MMT3:11:4750Jog Shop Jog 20Brighton
08 OctZXC27:23793London City Runner Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
30 Sep5K22:21813Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KHyde Park80.01%
14 Sep300012:47.4914Highgate Harriers Open MeetingHampstead Heath82.96%
10 Sepparkrun24:2721Hampstead Heath parkrun # 18Hampstead Heath73.14%
07 Sep1000046:00.46Vets AC 10,000m ChampionshipsBattersea Park80.75%
04 Sep300013:15.53SCVAC League Final Hants & Surrey DivisionAshford80.04%
04 Sep15006:08.55SCVAC League Final Hants & Surrey DivisionAshford81.26%
20 Augparkrun23:4123Hampstead Heath parkrun # 15Hampstead Heath75.51%
24 Jul10K45:40902Metropolitan Summer LeagueRegents Park81.86%
20 Jul15006:09.913Rosenheim League East DivisionTooting Bec80.96%
12 Jul300012:27.87Serpentine Club ChampionshipsWillesden85.15%
10 Jul5MNAD36:2353Ealing Summer LeaguePerivale81.75%
02 Jul5MMT36:39401Orion Forest Five SeriesEpping Forest81.16%
26 Jun13MMT99:40541Mersea Island Lions Round the Island RaceMersea
20 Jun15005:58.61SCVAC League Mid London DivisionHillingdon83.51%
11 Junparkrun23:0314Hampstead Heath parkrun # 5Hampstead Heath77.58%
06 Jun300012:52.22SCVAC League Mid London DivisionBattersea Park82.46%
05 Jun10K44:12701Metropolitan Summer LeagueDulwich Park84.58%
27 May5K21:32993Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5KHyde Park83.05%
21 Mayparkrun24:0315Hampstead Heath parkrun # 2Hampstead Heath74.36%
14 May20MMT3:00:39621Marlborough Downs Challenge 20Marlborough
18 AprMar3:44:381183927Boston MarathonBoston MA, USA74.09%
19 Mar15MXC2:12:161691Orion 15Chingford
05 MarZXC37:22591Middlesex Masters' County ChampionshipsRuislip
26 FebZXC30:2371North of The Thames ChampionshipFryent Country Park
20 Feb20M2:36:002:34:433422Bramley 20Bramley
13 FebHM98:0196:315385Wokingham Half MarathonWokingham82.75%
12 FebZXC28:03591Metropolitan LeaguePerivale
29 JanZXC39:16197Southern Cross Country ChampionshipsParliament Hill
15 JanZXC27:22721Metropolitan LeagueAlexandra Palace
08 JanZXC40:0733Middlesex County ChampionshipsTrent Park
01 Jan10K43:571232Brooks Serpentine New Year's Day 10KLondon Hyde Park83.96%

21 NovHM98:1798:092072St. Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt. Neots81.37%
20 NovZXC26:165223London ChampionshipsParliament Hill
13 NovZXC29:12731Metropolitan LeagueTrent Park
17 Oct10MMT73:2173:18501Ware 10Ware82.47%
09 OctZXC27:29741Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
25 Sepparkrun22:33241Finsbury parkrun # 43Finsbury Park78.42%
18 Sepparkrun23:1527Finsbury parkrun # 42Finsbury Park76.06%
04 Jul5M35:51521Summer League Series Ealing 5Ealing81.82%
22 Mayparkrun21:33141Finsbury parkrun # 28Finsbury Park82.06%
15 Mayparkrun21:58201Finsbury parkrun # 27Finsbury Park80.50%
25 AprMar3:31:553:31:194604Virgin London MarathonLondon77.71%
17 Aprparkrun22:01231Finsbury parkrun # 23Finsbury Park79.33%
10 Aprparkrun21:48211Finsbury parkrun # 22Finsbury Park80.12%
28 Mar20M2:35:011361Finchley 20Ruislip
07 Mar10K43:52551Mornington Chasers Winter 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park83.05%
20 Febparkrun21:56191Finsbury parkrun # 15Finsbury Park79.64%
14 Feb20M2:38:403152Bramley 20Bramley
07 Feb10K44:25831Mornington Chasers Winter 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park82.03%
03 Jan10K44:39901Mornington Chasers Winter 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park81.60%

13 DecHM97:033091Bedford Harriers Half MarathonWootton81.25%
12 DecZXC28:36351North of the Thames ChampionshipsKingsbury
06 Dec10K45:02851Mornington Chasers Winter 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park80.90%
15 NovHM98:252011St Neots Riverside Half MarathonSt. Neots80.12%
07 NovZXC27:20791Metropolitan LeagueClaybury
18 Oct10M73:094202Cabbage Patch 10Twickenham81.59%
11 Oct10MMT76:331Ware 10Ware77.97%
04 Oct10K45:181331Mornington Chasers Winter 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park80.43%
05 Sep10K46:15791Regent's Park Races Summer 10K SeriesLondon Regent's Park78.77%
31 MayMar3:46:253Edinburgh MarathonEdinburgh72.53%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 83.03%

This equates to a 5K time of 24:25

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 26:42

The race your handicap is based on is: Southern Counties Veterans League - Mid London Division 2021-07-07

You can find out more about our handicaps here.