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Alina Williamson

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Results by Year


01 Octparkrun25:5489Hampstead Heath parkrun # 516Hampstead Heath57.79%
24 Sepparkrun29:29178Hampstead Heath parkrun # 515Hampstead Heath50.76%
04 SepHM1:57:1555481217The Big HalfGreenwich56.60%
27 Augparkrun24:36282, 1Barking parkrun # 461Barking60.84%
20 Augparkrun33:56217Ally Pally parkrun # 463Ally Pally44.11%
13 Augparkrun28:14115Whitstable parkrun # 555Whitstable53.01%
06 Augparkrun29:28208Hampstead Heath parkrun # 509Hampstead Heath50.79%
30 Julparkrun23:53135Wimbledon Common parkrun # 749Wimbledon Common62.67%
23 Julparkrun27:08171Hampstead Heath parkrun # 507Hampstead Heath55.16%
16 Julparkrun26:18131Hampstead Heath parkrun # 506Hampstead Heath56.91%
02 Julparkrun26:12122Hampstead Heath parkrun # 504Hampstead Heath57.12%
25 Junparkrun27:5155East Brighton parkrun # 114East Brighton53.74%
18 Junparkrun26:2159Ally Pally parkrun # 457Ally Pally56.80%
11 Junparkrun26:26128-, 1Hampstead Heath parkrun # 502Hampstead Heath56.62%
05 Jun10KMT56:2155:5810223Race Neighbours 10KEast Finchley54.97%
04 Junparkrun30:34136Mole Valley parkrun # 155Mole Valley48.96%
28 Mayparkrun27:56174Hampstead Heath parkrun # 500Hampstead Heath53.58%
14 Mayparkrun47:59354Hampstead Heath parkrun # 498Hampstead Heath31.19%
02 May10K49:233325605, 96Vitality London 10,000 (Wheel Chair Results Pending from Organiser)London62.30%
21 AprOther00:40:1200:29:5637Mornington Chasers Handicap ChampionshipHighgate Wood
16 Aprparkrun26:4184Hampstead Heath parkrun # 494Hampstead Heath55.84%
09 Aprparkrun31:31199Hampstead Heath parkrun # 493Hampstead Heath47.28%
03 AprMar04:08:1904:08:19Therme Manchester MarathonManchester55.12%
02 Aprparkrun31:22457Stretford parkrun # 251Stretford47.50%
26 Marparkrun27:04128Hampstead Heath parkrun # 491Hampstead Heath55.05%
13 Mar20M3:13:433:13:2027470, 21MK Festival of Running 20Milton Keynes
12 Marparkrun28:22337Finsbury Park parkrun # 540Finsbury Park52.53%
05 Marparkrun26:58122Hampstead Heath parkrun # 488Hampstead Heath55.25%
26 Febparkrun31:03198Hampstead Heath parkrun # 487Hampstead Heath47.99%
19 Febparkrun43:15247Hampstead Heath parkrun # 486Hampstead Heath34.45%
05 Febparkrun26:34106-, 1Hampstead Heath parkrun # 484Hampstead Heath56.09%
29 Janparkrun26:57130-, 1Hampstead Heath parkrun # 483Hampstead Heath55.29%
22 Janparkrun39:49327Hampstead Heath parkrun # 482Hampstead Heath37.42%
08 Janparkrun26:54119Hampstead Heath parkrun # 480Hampstead Heath55.39%
01 Janparkrun25:4054-, 1Ally Pally parkrun # 436Ally Pally58.05%

25 Decparkrun29:33253Finsbury Park parkrun # 529Finsbury Park50.42%
18 Decparkrun33:05159Hampstead Heath parkrun # 479Hampstead Heath45.04%
12 DecHM1:57:08654156, 36Milton Keynes Winter Half MarathonMilton Keynes56.43%
04 Decparkrun26:5177-, 1Hampstead Heath parkrun # 477Hampstead Heath55.49%
27 Novparkrun27:12129-, 1Hampstead Heath parkrun # 476Hampstead Heath54.78%
21 NovHMMT2:05:552:05:359524, 4Wendover Woods Autumn Festival of Running Half MarathonWendover52.63%
13 Novparkrun43:21272Hampstead Heath parkrun # 474Hampstead Heath34.37%
30 Octparkrun46:05213Hampstead Heath parkrun # 472Hampstead Heath32.33%
16 Octparkrun25:2176Hampstead Heath parkrun # 470Hampstead Heath58.78%
03 OctMar4:22:08174424981Virgin Money London MarathonLondon52.22%
25 Sepparkrun27:22126Hampstead Heath parkrun # 467Hampstead Heath54.45%
11 Sepparkrun30:16166-, 1Ally Pally parkrun # 422Ally Pally49.23%
05 Sep20M3:12:153:11:5031392, 17MK Festival of Running 20Milton Keynes
28 Augparkrun29:40186Hampstead Heath parkrun # 464Hampstead Heath50.22%
22 AugHM1:54:464203874Vitality Big HalfGreenwich57.60%
21 Augparkrun26:5675-, 1Ally Pally parkrun # 419Ally Pally55.32%
14 Augparkrun26:48121Hampstead Heath parkrun # 463Hampstead Heath55.60%
07 Augparkrun31:4097Hampstead Heath parkrun # 462Hampstead Heath47.05%
25 Jul10K49:5249:52Asics London 10KGreen Park61.46%
24 Julparkrun31:04141Hampstead Heath parkrun # 460Hampstead Heath47.96%

01 MarHM1:52:3457901295Vitality Big Half MarathonGreenwich58.32%

06 OctMarDH5:35:235:27:1730451148Baxters Loch Ness MarathonInverness
10 Aug10K53:0152:4945271Pride Run 10KLondon Victoria Park57.68%
21 Jul10K51:271923315ASICS London 10KLondon Green Park59.22%

09 SepHM3:34:122:56:353720516168SimplyHealth Great North RunNewcastle-South Shields37.08%
15 Jul10K69:0149:533121770British 10KWestminster60.98%
28 May10K50:323700703Vitality London 10,000London60.19%
25 Feb10K50:0449:57609Hillingdon 10KUxbridge60.79%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 62.49%

This equates to a 5K time of 23:57

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 26:12

The race your handicap is based on is: Wimbledon Common parkrun # 749 2022-07-30

You can find out more about our handicaps here.