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Rahul Mohindra

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Results by Year


03 SepHM87:20949The Big HalfGreenwich66.85%
13 Aug10K44:40115London Summer League 10KBattersea Park59.81%
13 Aug10K00:44:4011543Summer LeagueBattersea Park59.81%
29 Julparkrun22:33104Highbury Fields parkrun # 543Highbury Fields57.65%
10 Junparkrun19:2626Finsbury Park parkrun # 595Finsbury Park66.90%
03 Junparkrun22:3987Finsbury Park parkrun # 594Finsbury Park57.40%
21 May10K39:0539:0441The One in The ParkLondon Regents Park68.39%
16 Apr10K40:3540:34114London Regent's ParkLondon Regent's Park65.86%
25 Marparkrun24:06116Finsbury Park parkrun # 586Finsbury Park53.87%
19 Mar10K39:3039:17252Eastleigh 10KEastleigh68.01%
11 Marparkrun20:5747Finsbury Park parkrun # 584Finsbury Park61.97%
04 Marparkrun25:05179Finsbury Park parkrun # 583Finsbury Park51.76%
04 Febparkrun20:5955Finsbury Park parkrun # 579Finsbury Park61.87%
28 Janparkrun19:1921Finsbury Park parkrun # 578Finsbury Park67.21%
21 Janparkrun20:2137Finsbury Park parkrun # 577Finsbury Park63.80%
14 Janparkrun20:0420Finsbury Park parkrun # 576Finsbury Park64.70%
08 Jan10K39:4139:3849Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park67.41%

24 Decparkrun23:12164Southampton parkrun # 472Southampton55.96%
10 Decparkrun19:4829Finsbury Park parkrun # 571Finsbury Park65.57%
04 Dec10K39:1339:1114Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter SeriesLondon Regents Park68.18%
26 Novparkrun19:4423Finsbury Park parkrun # 569Finsbury Park65.79%
19 Novparkrun20:2134Finsbury Park parkrun # 568Finsbury Park63.80%
12 Novparkrun20:2641Finsbury Park parkrun # 567Finsbury Park63.54%
29 Octparkrun20:3239Finsbury Park parkrun # 565Finsbury Park63.23%
22 Octparkrun21:3370Finsbury Park parkrun # 564Finsbury Park60.25%
25 Junparkrun19:2713Finsbury Park parkrun # 554Finsbury Park66.75%
18 Junparkrun22:0958Finsbury Park parkrun # 553Finsbury Park58.62%
11 Junparkrun27:16220Finsbury Park parkrun # 552Finsbury Park47.62%
28 Mayparkrun19:3928Finsbury Park parkrun # 550Finsbury Park66.07%
21 May10K38:0948Sri Chinmoy 10KBattersea Park70.03%
14 Mayparkrun19:2116Finsbury Park parkrun # 548Finsbury Park67.10%
30 Aprparkrun19:3515Finsbury Park parkrun # 546Finsbury Park66.30%
16 Aprparkrun20:2417Finsbury Park parkrun # 544Finsbury Park63.64%
09 Aprparkrun20:5024Finsbury Park parkrun # 543Finsbury Park62.32%
26 Marparkrun20:1821Finsbury Park parkrun # 542Finsbury Park63.96%
20 Mar10K38:4138:34199Eastleigh 10KEastleigh69.27%
06 Mar10K39:3339:3016Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10KLondon Regents Park67.64%

05 SepMar3:44:143:43:50106ABP Southampton MarathonSouthampton54.93%
01 Aug10K38:3938:2989Eastleigh 10KEastleigh69.42%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 68.67%

This equates to a 5K time of 18:56

It equates to a race time in Highgate Woods of 20:42

The race your handicap is based on is: Sri Chinmoy 10K 2022-05-21

You can find out more about our handicaps here.