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Mornington Chasers Newsletter

4 October 2015

Newsletter 4 October

....please go to the club website www.chaser.me.uk
In this Newsletter:
This week’s news plus:
-          Club Championships
-          Winter Series, help needed
-          Coaching this week & pub night on Tuesday
-          Cross Country special feature (in case you missed it last week)
-          Results, reports and comments
Lizzy Muggeridge and Hannah are newsletter compilers and editors over the next few weeks. Please send results as usual to newsletter@chaser.me.uk for publication.
This year our club championship race is being held 1 November at the Mornington Chasers Regent’s Park 10K. When you register, please include that you are a member of Mornington Chasers so that you are included in the championships results. Details, as always available in the events section www.chaser.me.uk/calendar If you are injured or recovering from another race, please consider volunteering as a marshal so that you can still be part of the day.
CLUB WINTER SERIES 10K in The Regent’s Park
We now have a full complement of marshals for the first race in the series on 4 October – thank you to all of you who have volunteered. Marshals are needed for the subsequent five races too. These races are essential to the health of our club funds. Marshalling is just one of the many ways you can be involved with the club. Please email Avril to volunteer at avril.riddell@gmail.com
Tuesday with Andrea at Primrose Hill suitable for all levels (and yes, there are  hills involved including technical tips to maximise up and down speeds).
Thursday also with Andrea at the track this week.
The session details are usually posted on our Facebook page on the day.
For details about other runs on Tuesdays and across the week, cycle rides and reps plus our Coach to 5K programme for non-members please see the club website or Facebook page.
PLUS, PUB NIGHT ON TUESDAY after the runs and tea. Everyone welcome to Tapping the Admiral.
CROSS COUNTRY FEATURE (repeated from last week in case you missed it)
Anna Waterman is the club captain with responsibility for Cross Country and has put together the following information. If you are new to cross country and would like to know more, Anna is very happy to chat with you or speak to any of the club captains. Also, this week Avril runs a special Cross Country focussed training session on Tuesday evening.
The XC race of the season is fast approaching, with the first Met League race in 2 weeks at Claybury. It would be great if we had a big turnout for the season! If you are new to XC, or haven't run since High School don't worry, these races have a lovely friendly atmosphere, and runners of all levels compete. Below are a few details that might be useful to new runners. 
CALENDAR – soon to be updated on the club website
10 Oct – Met League: Claybury 
24 Oct – North of the Thames, Kingsbury (sign up by 11th Oct)
7 Nov – Met League: Stevanage
14 Nov – SEAA London Champs, Parliament Hill (sign up by 19 Oct)
21 Nov – North London XC Champs, Hackney Marshes (sign up by TBC)    
28 Nov – Barnet & District Fraternity Cup, Trent Park (sign up for interest only)
05 Dec – Met League: Wormwood Scrubs
9 Jan – Middlesex Championships, Wormwood Scrubs (details TBC)
16 Jan – Met League: Horsenden Hill 
30 Jan – SEAA Main champs (sign up TBC)
13 Feb – Meg League: Ally Pally
Sometimes people travel together, usually organised on Facebook. Either Anna Waterman or a designated manager picks up the race numbers and sets up near the start line. A message is usually posted on Facebook with a location reference. At most races there should be the club flag to help. Please arrive at least 30mins before your race to get your race number, change into your race gear, warm up and get to the start line. Often the toilets are quite a distance from the start so it's always a good idea to go on your way to the race meeting point especially if you are short of time. Everyone walks to the race start together. When you finish you receive a numbered disc. You must keep this and hand it over to the race manager who writes your finishing place next to your name and returns the discs with the results. After you run you can either head home, or stay and watch the end of the races (last race is senior men) and enjoy the lovely cakes that are usually available. 
PLEASE NOTE: You must run in your Chasers singlet (not T shirt)
MET LEAGUE (Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League)
Distance: 6km Women, 8km Men
Registration: No need to sign up in advance for these races. At the start of each season the XC manager gathers names, but this is just so we have some pre-printed numbers. 
Time: Races tend to start at 2pm for women, and 2.45pm for men but check in closer to the start of the season when all these details are confirmed.
Find out more at http://www.metleague.co.uk/fixtures.html
Registration: Sign up is required for all of these races. Sign up on the 'Races' section by the required sign up date.
Distances: They vary between 6-8km for Woman, and 8km and up to 12km for Men. Find out more on the Races section.
A pair of shoes with spikes is a worthwhile investment (the spikes can be changed to varying lengths and with studs can be used for track too). You might be ok without them for some of the earlier races, but as soon as the rainy weather starts they are essential. The club owns a few pairs in limited sizes if you wish to try them out. Please talk to a captain on Tuesdays to check what is available. It's useful to buy some 9mm and 12mm spikes, and then you can change them depending how muddy it is on the day. Tip: Dipping the screw end of the spike in Vaseline makes them easier to remove and change size.
Other useful equipment is a garbage bag (to put your bag/clothes in whilst you run), a newspaper (to stand on while you change shoes), wet wipes, safety pins for race numbers and warm/dry clothes to change into (the fleecy Chaser hoody is a great warm layer).
To include your results in the newsletter please email Andrea (newsletter@chaser.me.uk) with the details. A brief description of what you thought of the race and if you would recommend it to others would be great too, but not essential. There is no need to send results from Club races such as Summer League, Southern Athletics League and Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League as these are gathered by the team captains / event managers.
‘One of the London League events and a popular race for all levels. The 400 metre swim in the fabulous, heated, outdoor 50m pool is followed by a 5K – 5-lap run on the grass and ‘trail’ around London Fields. Perfect conditions today, though chilly waiting by the pool for the very early time-trial start. Well organised great marshals and extra bonus of having Petra to cheer us on.’ ASR
David Hidasi 28:47 (6:50 swim, 1:16 T, 20:43 run)
Andrea Sanders-Reece 33:22 (8:55 swim, 1:40 T, 22:47 run) (3rd W40+)
Lizzy Muggeridge 38:43 (11:06 swim, 2:33 T, 25:04 run)
‘Hotter than advertised (especially when carrying a giant bear on your back) but a great atmosphere made by marshalls and competitors and quite a quick course too.’
Mike Shelton 4:13:37
The first in our winter series of 6 x 10K races and the main source of funding for the club.
Russ Hall 37:08
Sarah Taylor 46:54
‘The IAAF Champs are held here next year and if anyone is thinking of doing it they should be prepared for a busy run. It’s a great course – almost entirely flat, well supported, fab marshals, REALLY well organised – but it is huge. Probably the busiest race I’ve ever been in. I was never not in a crowd. Huge thanks to Nesta, who appeared in the crowds halfway with a hearty cheer!’
Hannah McQuarrie 1:56:48
‘An undulating course, well organised and very easy to get to from London by train.’
Fiona Russell 1:30.41 (3rd in AG)
For those of you who are on STRAVA, we have a Mornington Chasers STRAVA group (https://www.strava.com/clubs/mornington-chasers). Members can like each other's activities, comment on them or simply see what others are doing.
Join the club's Facebook group or follow us on Twitter: @chasersldn