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Mornington Chasers Newsletter

5 July 2015

5 July 2015


Club News
- Southern Athletics League – our growing team
- Summer League - Perival
- Summer League and the night before – important!!!
- Leadership in Running Fitness offer to members
- Congratulations Sarah!

Club activities
- This week's training & pub night Tuesday
- Race results and reports


On a baking hot day in the penultimate event in the Southern Athletics League held at Parliament Hill the club achieved its highest point score to date. The ever growing team included a mix of improving performances and our first 4 x 100 relay (women). Ideally the SAL team includes volunteers so many thanks to Becky Johnston and Adrian Cathersides for helping out yesterday with the men’s long jump and Adrian for staying on for the triple jump.

There is just one event left in the SAL and we need athletes for track and field events and volunteers to join the team in Newham. For details please see the club website and register your interest via the events page or email Kelly at athletics@chaser.me.uk

The cooler temperatures and overcast sky favoured many in the SUMMER LEAGUE five-mile race in Perivale and the relay races were hard fought. The loud cheers and the blistering pace of Dave Glencross set the tone on the first leg of the men’s relay. Chi Ifeacho thoroughly enjoyed her first Summer League outing in a weekend that saw her also race in the SAL and run first leg in two relays. Congratulations to Lizzy Muggeridge who knocked over 6 mins off her five-mile time today. Official results usually take a couple of weeks to be issued.

The CLUB HOSTS SUMMER LEAGUE event on Sunday 19 July – urgent call out to all members! We need volunteers to help set up and marshal the event plus prepare the food and, of course, run. Please volunteer your services now and contact Rob (Race Director for the day) or Lizzy (Summer League Organiser). Members who plan to run are also encouraged to help with the food preparation and children’s events / relays once finished. We need as many people as possible to make this a fantastic event for our club so please encourage family and friends to get involved too. 

Summer League offers a series of races in an inter-club competition. For details please see the club website. There are just two events left in the series, both 10K, Regent’s Park as above and the Serpie hosted Battersea Park. Fun, friendly and free to enter, all the events are suitable for all levels.

On the SATURDAY EVENING, THE DAY BEFORE OUR SUMMER LEAGUE, many of the original Chasers gather for a reunion in the back room at the Pineapple from 19:00. If you would like to join them and share some food, beer and chat you are most welcome. Please let Seb know who is in contact with founder member Gerry Naughton.

The next local course in LIRF takes place at Battersea Millenium Stadium. The booking deadline is 15 JULY. The club is planning to pay the fees for a couple of members to do the course in exchange for a commitment to cover a six week couch to 5K programme and help with leading Tuesday night runs. If you are interested in the programme, please get in touch with Hannah McQuarrie, who is responsible for organising the coaching services at the club and one of the captains (see the Who’s Who section of the club website for pic).

Many congratulations to SARAH BROGDEN who married Dan Taylor on Saturday – wishing you a long and happy life together.

Meet at Talacre Mezzanine Level at 1900 for briefing and 1915 departure.
Coached session with Andrea – 5-10K focus with relays to finish.
Choice of summer runs which may include, across Hampstead Heath and beyond, The Regent's Park or Madame Tussauds, from 5 to 6 or up to 10 miles at various speeds depending on who is available to lead the groups.
Potential new members are welcome to try us out on a Tuesday night so are frequently spotted within our runs!
Tea and biscuits after the run on the Mezzanine Level at Talacre.
PUB NIGHT! The first Tuesday of the month, ie this Tuesday, is pub night. After the runs and tea meet at Tapping the Admiral where we have an area booked.

Hannah is planning various BIKE SESSIONS (Swains Lane reps often at 0630 on Wednesday mornings) please see our Facebook page for updates.

Sessions run by our coach Tom Craggs are for all members and are designed to develop and inspire excellence whatever your chosen discipline. Please meet at Talacre for easy run to the session venue.
9 July TRACK, 16 July TRACKf

Couch to 5K adult beginners programme on Hampstead Heath. Week 2 but new members are welcome to join in. For details and registration form please go to our website.

Long run from Talacre at 0900 - usually a minimum of 10 miles and suitable for experienced runners. For details please see posts on our Facebook page.

Triathlon England London League
We are one of the participating clubs in the Triathlon England London League. The club website events page has details of the races or www.triathlonengland.org.uk. We are currently mid-table in the mob match and it would be great if we could earn a few more points before the end of the season.
Triathlon England run a series of duathlons at the Velopark at the Olympic Park including women only events (the next one is Sunday 12 July) www.veloparkduathlons.com for details.

To include your results in the newsletter please email Andrea (newsletter@chaser.me.uk) with the details. A brief description of what you thought of the race and if you would recommend it to others would be great too, but not essential. There is no need to send results from Club races such as Summer League, Southern Athletics League and Cross Country as these are gathered by the team captains / event managers.

A baking hot day at Parliament Hill track and no shade to speak of had the factor 50 flowing. Kelly, who captains the athletics team, experienced her first 5000m on the track and also led the largest group of Chasers in the 1500m against a tough field. For the first time this season we had a team for the women’s relay and Chi, Andrea, Petra and Nicky brought the baton safely home in the 4 x 100m. Petra then whizzed off to race in the steeplechase – the water jump apparently not as refreshing as hoped for in the sizzling conditions. For the first time David Hidasi took part in the long jump and the middle distance runners all helped us to reach our highest ever score. One more event to go – 15 August at Newham – where it would be fantastic to see a men’s relay team compete too. Many thanks to Adrian and Becky for volunteering and for Ian Girling for cheering.

Long Jump
Petra Marton 3:65; 3:63; 3:65 (4th in group)
(Volunteers David Hidasi and Andrea Sanders-Reece)

David Hidasi 4:56; 4:83; 4:55 (5th in group)
(Volunteers Becky Johnston and Adrian Cathersides)

Triple Jump Men and Women
(Volunteer Adrian Cathersides)

100m Women
Chi Ifeacho 16.4

200m Women
Chi Ifeacho 34.0

800m Men
Jeff Bannister 2:17.8 (A)
David Renton 2:26.4 (B)

1500m Women
Kelly Thorneycroft 5:14.0 (3rd)
Nicky Timmins 5:20.1 (4th)
Andrea Sanders-Reece 5:51.9 (6th)
Avril Riddell 6:09.0 (8th)

1500m Men
Jonny Meisner 4:32.3 (4th)
Jeff Bannister 4:48.0 (6th)
David Hidasi 5:00.8

3000m Men
Phil Tysoe 10:34.8 (9th)
Seb Rule 10:54.6 (10th)

5000m Women
Kelly Thorneycroft 20:22 (4th)

Petra’s steeplechase and the relay results are to follow next week.